Dress Like Jet Propulsion

Jet Propulsion Costume


You will need the following items for your Jet Propulsion Halloween costume:

  1. Blue Puffer Jacket
  2. Copper Red Short Wavy Wig
  3. Blue Denim Pants
  4. Blue Foam Knee Pads
  5. Red Shoe Laces
  6. Black Leather Dress Belt
  7. Columbia Snow Boot

Jet is a very weak alien, very similar to a human. She has fair skin and spiky red hair that is combed to the side. He has red eyebrows and gray eyes. He's wearing a blue spacesuit. She wears gray boots with red laces.

We have prepared the Jet Propulsion costume guide for you. You can buy the items we prepared on Amazon.



How To Dress Like Jet Propulsion From Ready Jet GO!

Jet Propulsion Cosplay Costume

Dress like Jet Propulsion;

Jet Propulsion Costume: For your Jet Propulsion Halloween costume, you will need a blue puffer jacket, blue denim pants, a black leather dress belt and Columbia snow boots.

Jet Propulsion Accessories: To complete your Jet Propulsion look, don't forget to get a copper red short wavy wig, blue foam knee pads and last but not least, red shoelaces.


Jet Propulsion Halloween Costume

Jet Propulsion Halloween Costume Cosplay

Jet Propulsion is the protagonist of the animated television series Ready Jet Go! He is a humanoid alien from the planet Bortron 7. He and his family are on a mission to gather information about Earth for a travel guide. He lives in Washington state and is the leader of his group.

Jet Propulsion is the typical kid for Bortron 7, but the turn is too smart and clever for the kids next door. Always curious, inquisitive, and fearless, leaps before he looks. Jet is not afraid of failure; There is no word for failure in Bortron 7. It's very difficult to beat him. Jet is also like a Music Man - you never guess when he'll be singing a song he made up on the fly. He can build anything. Jet is infinitely content with our planet, which in his own way is huge and fertile, incredibly diverse and beautiful. He often draws attention to the wonders of ordinary things and to the children of the Earth.

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