Sean Rafferty Costume

Sean Rafferty Costume

You need the following items for your Sean Rafferty Halloween costume:

  1. Long-Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt
  2. Cotton Fit Jeans
  3. Short Spiky Wig
  4. Foam Lace-up Sneaker

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How To Dress Like Sean Rafferty From Ready Jet Go!

Ready Jet Go! Sean Rafferty Cosplay Costume

Dress like Sean Rafferty;

Sean Rafferty Costume: For your Sean Rafferty Halloween costume, you will need a long-sleeve baseball t-shirt, cotton-fit jeans and foam lace-up sneakers.

Sean Rafferty Accessories: To complete your Sean Rafferty look, don't forget to get a short spiky wig.


Sean Rafferty Halloween Costume

Ready Jet Go! Sean Rafferty Halloween Cosplay Costume

Sean Rafferty, the son of a scientist, thinks he will be a great scientist when he grows up and plans to lead his team on the first flight to Mars. However, he suffers from a fear of heights, claustrophobia, and a fear of becoming a space freak easily, which he tries to overcome before growing up and becoming a true astronaut.

Sean Rafferty is the practical one, always insisting on doing things the old way - even though he's suddenly hanging out with Jet in a very sci-fi reality! Sean is a big fan of following the rules of the Scientific Method, which he talks about in his own song.

Sean is initially bad at using his imagination and is afraid of going into space, but these diminish over time, as in "Sean's Year In Space" where Sean pretends to spend a day in space. He proposes going into space to prove that there is actually no sound in the treehouse and Not a Sound. He even admits it, sometimes calling himself "Mr. Adventure".

Sean can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes. The most telling example would be Eye in the Sky, where he eventually had a chart for each event he could enter.

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