Dress Like Jonathan Byers From Season 4

Jonathan Byers Outfit Season 4


How To Dress Like Jonathan Byers From Stranger Things Season 4

Jonathan Byers Halloween Costume Stranger Things Season 4

Dress like Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things Season 4;

Jonathan Byers Shirts: Harley-Davidson shirt, sand t-shirt, poly rayon stripe shirt, MP cotton t-shirt, blue flannel shirt.

Jonathan Byers Pants: Levi's 501 jeans.

Jonathan Byers Costume Accessories: Softball belt.

Jonathan Byers Wig: Brown straight wig.

Jonathan Byers Watch: Emporio Armani watch.

Jonathan Byers Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star.

Jonathan Byers Halloween Costume


He is shown to be brave and independent as he helped his mother by working to get more money. He has close family ties, and his brother Will, who is very close to him, helped him build Castle Byers the night their parents divorced. He has a great love for photography. Jonathan is open-minded and believes opinions matter as he told Will that someone shouldn't like something because someone told them to.

Jonathan Byers Cosplay

Jonathan is smart, introverted, anti-social, friendly, independent, and brave. He has strong ties to his family and is said to have a soft spot for animals, having cried for a week after his tenth birthday when his father forced him to kill a rabbit on a hunting trip.

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