Dress Like Jungle Hunter Predator

Jungle Hunter Predator Costume


How To Dress Like Jungle Hunter Predator From Predator 1987

Jungle Hunter Predator Halloween Costume

Dress like Jungle Hunter Predator from Predator 1987;

If you want to dress up as the Jungle Hunter Predator on Halloween, you should buy the clothes and accessories shared above. This costume looks absolutely cool.

Jungle Hunter Predator Cosplay

Jungle Hunter Predator Cosplay

Nicknamed "El Diablo que hace trofeos de los hombres," the Jungle Hunter was a Yautja from the Jungle Hunter clan who ran a hunt during a communist uprising in Guatemala in 1987. He is widely known as the Predator, who pursued and killed several American military personnel in the area, including members of an elite mercenary unit led by Alan "Dutch" Schaefer.

Sometime before 1987, jungle hunters in the Guatemalan jungles began hunting humans they deemed worthy prey, usually only during the hottest summers. He became something of a local legend among humans, and his brutal slaughter of his victims earned him the title "El Diablo que hace trofeos de los hombres", literally "The demon that makes trophies out of humans".

Jungle Hunter Predator Halloween Costume

In 1987, the Jungle Hunter returned to Guatemala, now the scene of an ongoing guerrilla war between the American-backed government and a communist insurgency. When a helicopter carrying several CIA agents under Al Dillon's command was shot down and the agents were captured by the guerrillas, Dillon dispatched a six-man special forces team led by Jim Hopper to rescue the agents and eliminate the rebels responsible. En route to the guerrillas' camp, Hopper's team was ambushed and wiped out by the Jungle Hunter, with Hopper and two of his men skinned, gutted, and hung from the treetops as trophies.

Dillon later recruited his old friend Alan "Dutch" Schaefer to complete the mission, and after Dutch and his team wiped out the rebel force, they too became targets for the Jungle Hunter. While the Predator initially watched the team from afar, Billy sensed its presence almost immediately and became uneasy at the unseen force stalking them. As the team moved out, Anna, a rebel they had captured, tried to escape. As Hawkins gave chase and captured the prisoner by isolating himself from the rest of the squad, the jungle hunter struck, killing him with his wrist blades, butchering him and hanging his body from a tree.

The other men immediately began searching for the body. The jungle hunter found Blain alone and tried to kill him with his harpoon but only managed to graze his shoulder. Before it could fight back, the Predator charged with its plasmacaster, blasting a clean hole in its chest. The plasmacaster shot through his chest, killing him instantly. As the Jungle Hunter came in to recover the body, he was spotted by Mac and injured in his left leg when the soldier opened himself up with his M60 machine gun. When the latter stopped firing, he raised Blain's M134 minigun and sprayed the Flora with suppressing firepower, causing the rest of the team to attack with their own weapons. After escaping, the Predator retreated into the treetops to tend its wounds with its medicomp. At night, the Predator secretly infiltrated the squad's well-prepared and heavily defended camp and successfully recovered Blain's body while a wild boar rampaged through the camp, distracting everyone.

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