Dress Like Lacrimosa From Just Dance

If you're a fan of Just Dance and you're looking for a Halloween costume that's sure to turn heads, consider dressing up as the knight from "Lacrimosa" by Apashe. This male coach is a formidable figure with his long black hair in dreadlocks, sunglasses, and a large set of armor that seems to be constantly changing colors.

Just Dance Lacrimosa Costume


How To Dress Like Lacrimosa From Just Dance

Just Dance Lacrimosa Halloween Costume

To recreate this costume, you'll need a few key pieces. First, start with a steampunk Victorian jacket that will give you the right look and feel for the knight's armor. Next, use white fabric paint to create the fire-like outline that fades around your shoes. You can also use the same paint to add some additional details to your jacket and pants.

For the armor itself, you'll need a shoulder guard steel breastplate, which will give you the look of the knight's chest armor. To add some extra edge, consider attaching some cone spike screwback studs to the breastplate, which will give it a more menacing appearance. Pair the breastplate with a set of men's Gothic pants, and you're well on your way to looking like the "Lacrimosa" knight.

To complete the look, you'll need a few additional accessories. Start with a pair of leather dragon scale gauntlets, which will give you the appearance of the knight's arm armor. You'll also want to wear black nitrile gloves underneath the gauntlets to protect your hands.

For the cape, a white superhero cape will do the trick. You can wear it draped over one shoulder, as the knight does in the "Lacrimosa" video. Use a black sash belt to cinch the cape around your waist and keep it in place.

Finally, add a touch of danger with a black and white katana, which you can wear on your hip. And don't forget to finish off the look with a pair of medieval knight boots, which will give you the necessary height and presence to command any Halloween party.

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