Kim Kardashian Costume

Kim Kardashian Costume

You need the following items for your Kim Kardashian Halloween costume:

  1. Hot Pink Unitard Body Suit
  2. Hot Pink Feather Boa
  3. Adult Butt Cheeks Costume Accessory
  4. Silky Long Straight Black Wig
  5. Teardrop Earrings
  6. False Eyelashes Set
  7. Rainbow Multi Metallic Ombre Heels

Kim Kardasian first gained media attention as the friend of Paris Hilton and a couple years later she gained her real fame after a personal tape with  Ray J was released in 2007. After her immense popularity her sense of fashion got global attention.

To cosplay Kim Kardashian, you have lots of great choices, in our guide we prefer her iconic pink body suit look, dress up in a pink bodysuit, a pink feather boa, and pink high heels. Kim spends thousand of dollars if not on her hair to get the silky look, you can just use an appropriate wig if you don't have black straight hair, and last but not least, Kim's butt is considered to be her signature feature, so unless you have a butt as big as Kim's you may want to get a costume butt to add some fun to your cosplay.

How To Dress Like Kim Kardashian 

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume

Dress like Kim Kardashian;

Kim Kardashian Costume: Kim Kardashian is known for two features; her outfits which of most are iconic and her mmmm you know what I mean. For this specific costume, head to a retail store if you don't already have a pink bodysuit, a pink feather boa, and pink high heels, to complete your Kim Kardashian look don't forget teardrop earrings and false eyelashes.

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