Dress Like Fembot

If you're planning on dressing up as the Fembot for Halloween, you'll want to embody the character's playful, robotic personality to fully complete the look. Here are some tips for acting like the Fembot at your Halloween party:


Fembot Costume


You will need the following items for your Fembot Halloween costume:

  1. Fembot Costume
  2. Fembot Wig
  3. Invisible Seamless Bikini Underwear
  4. Pink Long Opera Gloves
  5. Pink Feather Fan
  6. Fluffy Feather Stiletto High Heels

The Fembots are alluring women who don revealing outfits and are equipped with weapons concealed within their chests, capable of shooting bullets or spraying aphrodisiac gas. They possess exaggerated proportions to lure in their targets, with long legs, ample bosoms, and extravagant hairstyles that accentuate their glamorous appearance while also concealing their technological components.

To cosplay as a Fembot, don a pink baby doll dress adorned with fluffy feathers around the breast area, along with a Fembot wig, long opera gloves, and pink stiletto high heels.

Fembot's look won't look complete without Austin Powers, or if you are up for a group cosplay, get your friends to dress up as Vanessa Kensington, Dr. Evil and Foxy Cleopatra to complete the gang.


How To Dress Like Fembot From Austin Powers

Fembot Halloween Costume
  1. Fembot Costume:  The first thing you'll need is a Fembot costume. This can be purchased as a ready outfit or you can just buy a similar pink nightgown..
  2. Fembot Wig: Next, you'll need a wig to create the Fembot's signature blonde hairstyle. Look for a wig with sleek, straight hair and blunt bangs to complete the look.
  3. Invisible Seamless Bikini Underwear: To create a seamless look under your costume, be sure to wear invisible seamless bikini underwear. This will help to prevent any visible panty lines or discomfort throughout the night.
  4. Pink Long Opera Gloves: The Fembot is known for her glamorous style, so be sure to complete your outfit with a pair of pink long opera gloves. These gloves will add an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to your costume.
  5. Pink Feather Fan: To add some playful flair to your Fembot costume, consider accessorizing with a pink feather fan. This will help you stay cool and add an extra element of fun to your costume.
  6. Fluffy Feather Stiletto High Heels: Finally, complete your look with a pair of fluffy feather stiletto high heels. These shoes will add height and glamour to your outfit while keeping your feet comfortable enough to dance the night away.

With these items, you can create a complete Fembot costume that is sure to turn heads and make you the talk of the party. Just remember to practice your best robotic dance moves and embrace your inner Fembot!

Fembot Cosplay

  1. Move like a robot The Fembot is a robot, so it's only natural that you should move like one! Keep your movements stiff and robotic, with jerky motions and precise movements.
  2. Speak in a monotone voice The Fembot's voice is monotone and robotic, so try to speak in a similar manner. Avoid showing emotion or inflection in your voice, and keep your sentences short and to the point.
  3. Embrace your seductive side Despite being a robot, the Fembot is also a seductive and playful character. Embrace this side of the character by being flirty and playful with other party-goers. Use your fan and gloves to flirt and be playful, while still keeping your robotic movements.
  4. Stay in character To fully embody the Fembot, it's important to stay in character throughout the night. Avoid breaking character or dropping your robotic movements, even when you're talking to friends or taking a break.

By following these tips, you'll be able to fully embody the Fembot character and impress everyone at the party with your dedication to the role. Just remember to have fun and enjoy your Halloween night as the iconic Fembot!

Fembot Halloween Costume

During the initial testing phase, the Fembot prototypes were displayed on pedestals in a sparsely decorated room with stone walls and minimal lighting. They were attired in silver hot pants, bras adorned with grommet-covered straps, white gloves, and Go-Go boots. Upon activation, the Fembot models sashayed down from their pedestals, using their alluring movements and smoldering gazes to quickly ensnare and eliminate a team of five armed guards with their concealed breast-mounted firearms.

Later, when Austin Powers enters the boardroom, he discovers a dimly lit, unfurnished space. However, the fireplace then rotates to reveal the Fembot's lair, transformed into a girlish pink boudoir, illuminated with psychedelic lights and a central bed. The Fembots are now clad in suggestive fluffy pink pajamas, and the bed serves as their primary trap to capture Austin.

Celebrities As Fembot

Kendall Jenner as Fembot
Kendall Jenner as Fembot
Ariana Grande as Fembot
Ariana Grande as Fembot
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