Becoming the Hero of Time: Your Ultimate Link Cosplay Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive Link Costume Guide! If you're a devoted Legend of Zelda fan or simply seeking an iconic and heroic Halloween look, dressing up as Link is an excellent choice. This legendary character has captured the hearts of gamers for generations, and now you can step into his boots for a memorable costume experience. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to create an authentic Link costume and provide tips on embodying his heroic spirit at your Halloween party.

Legend OF Zelda Link Costume

Creating a captivating Link costume involves attention to detail. In just five essential steps, we'll guide you through the process of crafting the perfect Link look.

Step 1: The Tunic and Hat
Begin your transformation with Link's iconic green tunic. This classic piece is the cornerstone of his attire. Look for one with the traditional pointed hat attached for authenticity. Pay close attention to the shade of green, as it varies slightly between different Zelda games. Once you have your tunic and hat, you're well on your way to becoming the Hero of Time.

Step 2: Accessories Matter
To complete your costume, focus on the accessories. Link's trusty Master Sword and Hylian Shield are must-haves. You can find costume replicas online or create your own with cardboard and paint for a more DIY approach. Additionally, Link's belt, gloves, and boots should match his adventurous spirit. Be sure to choose brown or tan boots and gloves to emulate his look accurately.

Step 3: Hair and Elf Ears
Link's hairstyle is a distinct part of his appearance. If you don't already have similar hair, consider a wig that captures his tousled, blonde locks. Next, you'll need elf ears to achieve that Hylian look. These can be found at costume stores or online. Attach them securely to your ears for that signature Link detail.

Step 4: The Perfect Prop
Don't forget to include a prop that represents Link's companion, Navi the fairy. You can find a glowing blue LED light to carry around or create a small, illuminated fairy figure to accompany you on your adventure.

Step 5: Final Touches
The finishing touches are essential. Add a brown belt to secure your scabbard or sheath for the Master Sword, and equip your Hylian Shield on your back. With the complete ensemble, you're ready to step into the role of Link and embark on your Halloween quest.

Link From Legend Of Zelda Costume Guide

Becoming Link isn't just about the outfit; it's about embodying the character's heroic spirit. Here are five key steps to help you act like Link at your Halloween party:

Step 1: Embrace Silence and Expressiveness
Link is known for his silence throughout the Legend of Zelda series. Emulate this trait by staying quiet at the party. Instead, communicate through expressive gestures and body language, just like Link's animated reactions in the games.

Step 2: Exhibit Courage and Compassion
Link is the embodiment of courage and compassion. Be kind and helpful to fellow partygoers, whether it's offering assistance or sharing a friendly smile. Show that you're not only a hero in appearance but also in actions.

Step 3: Master the Sword Skills (Safely)
While you may not have the real Master Sword, practice safe swordplay techniques if you plan to carry one. Avoid swinging it wildly to prevent accidents. A few controlled, well-executed sword moves will impress your fellow party attendees.

Step 4: Channel Link's Determination
Link's determination to save Princess Zelda and defeat evil is unwavering. Approach challenges with a focused and resolute demeanor. Whether it's a costume contest or a dance-off, give it your all.

Step 5: Radiate Heroic Positivity
Link's optimism and heroism are contagious. Spread positivity, cheerfulness, and a can-do attitude at the party. Encourage others to embark on their own adventures and create memorable moments together.

Link is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the video game series The Legend of Zelda, created by Nintendo. He is a young hero who travels through the land of Hyrule and other realms to save Princess Zelda and the world from the evil forces of Ganon, a powerful demon king. Link is usually depicted wearing a green tunic and cap, and wielding a sword and shield. He also uses various items and weapons, such as a bow, a boomerang, a hookshot, and bombs, to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Link can also transform into different forms, such as a wolf, a rabbit, or a Goron, depending on the game. Link is often accompanied by a fairy or other companion who helps him on his quest.

Link has appeared in more than 20 games in the series, as well as in spin-offs, comics, manga, an animated TV show, and merchandise. He is one of the most iconic and popular characters in video game history. He has also appeared in other Nintendo games, such as Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Animal Crossing. He has also been featured in other media, such as Soulcalibur II and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Link is not a single person, but rather a reincarnation of the spirit of a legendary hero who is chosen by the goddesses to protect Hyrule whenever evil arises. Each incarnation of Link has his own personality, appearance, and backstory, but they all share some common traits, such as courage, kindness, and loyalty. Link is usually silent or speaks very little in the games, allowing the player to project their own feelings and thoughts onto him. Link’s name comes from the idea that he is a “link” between the player and the game world12.


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Creating an authentic Link costume is only the beginning. Here are some additional tips to elevate your look:

Tip 1: Hyrulean Accessories
To truly immerse yourself in Link's world, add Hyrulean accessories like a pouch for carrying items and a mystical ocarina, which is essential for playing classic Zelda tunes. These small details will impress fellow fans.

Tip 2: Crafting the Sword and Shield
While you can purchase a Master Sword and Hylian Shield online, crafting your own can be a rewarding project. Use lightweight materials like foam or cardboard, and paint them with care to achieve a realistic finish. This personal touch will make your costume stand out.

Tip 3: Prosthetic Ears
To enhance your transformation into a Hylian, consider using prosthetic elf ears. These can be easily applied with spirit gum for a more convincing appearance.

Tip 4: Practice the Classic "Hya!"
Link's battle cry, the famous "Hya!" can be an entertaining addition to your costume. Practice it beforehand, and be prepared to shout it joyfully when you're in character.

Tip 5: Study Link's Expressions
Watch gameplay or cutscenes from the Legend of Zelda series to study Link's expressions and reactions. Learning how to mimic his subtle movements and expressions will help you embody the character.

Creating a group costume inspired by the Legend of Zelda universe can be a fantastic way to celebrate Halloween with friends. Here are some ideas for group costumes that complement your Link outfit:

Idea 1: Princess Zelda and Ganon
Invite friends to join as Princess Zelda and Ganon, Link's arch-nemesis. This classic trio is sure to turn heads at any Halloween gathering.

Idea 2: The Seven Sages
Gather a group of seven friends to dress as the Seven Sages from various Legend of Zelda games. Each sage has a distinct look and personality, offering a diverse group costume opportunity.

Idea 3: The Four Sword Adventures
If you have a group of four, consider becoming the four Links from "Four Swords Adventures." Each Link has a unique color, making this ensemble visually striking.

Idea 4: Breath of the Wild Companions
Form a group dressed as Link and his loyal companions from "Breath of the Wild." Include characters like Mipha, Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa for a diverse and memorable group.

Idea 5: Hyrule Citizens
Invite friends to portray various Hyrule citizens, such as merchants, villagers, and fairy-like beings. These costumes offer creative freedom and a sense of authenticity to Link's adventures.

  1. Is Link from Legend of Zelda a popular costume choice?
    Absolutely! Link is an iconic character loved by gamers worldwide. His classic green tunic and heroic adventures make for a timeless and recognizable costume.
  2. Can I customize my Link costume?
    Of course! Many fans enjoy adding personal touches, like custom weaponry, unique accessories, or even slight variations on Link's attire. It's a fun way to make your Link stand out.
  3. Are elf ears necessary for a Link costume?
    While not mandatory, elf ears add authenticity to your Hylian look. Prosthetic elf ears are easy to apply and can be found in costume shops or online.
  4. What about Link's iconic hairstyle?
    If you don't have similar hair, consider using a wig or temporary hair color spray to achieve Link's signature blond locks. Styling the hair into Link's distinctive side-swept bangs is key.
  5. How can I perfect Link's facial expressions and gestures?
    Study gameplay footage or cutscenes from Legend of Zelda games to mimic Link's expressions. Pay attention to his reactions and subtle movements to bring the character to life.
  6. Is there a particular Link catchphrase I should use?
    Link's classic battle cry, the spirited "Hya!" is a fun addition to your costume. Practice it to unleash it confidently when you're in character.
  7. How can I make my Link costume comfortable for long hours of wear?
    Ensure your costume is made of breathable materials and fits comfortably. Consider wearing costume-friendly undergarments and shoes suitable for extended wear.
  8. Where can I show off my Link costume?
    Halloween parties, gaming conventions, or cosplay events are fantastic places to flaunt your Link attire. Joining online communities and social media platforms dedicated to cosplay is also a great way to share your costume with fellow fans.


In conclusion, embodying Link from Legend of Zelda is an exciting and rewarding costume choice. By following our step-by-step guide and incorporating additional tips and group costume ideas, you can bring this beloved hero to life on Halloween or any cosplay occasion.

Remember to pay attention to the details, from Link's iconic weaponry to his signature expressions, to truly capture the essence of this legendary character. Whether you choose to embark on your adventure solo or with a group of fellow Zelda enthusiasts, your Link costume is sure to make a lasting impression and earn you the admiration of fans old and new.

So, gear up, gather your companions, and step into the shoes of the Hero of Time. May your Halloween be filled with adventure, courage, and the spirit of Link!

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