Dress Like Lola Bunny

Lola Bunny Costume


How To Dress Like Lola Bunny From Space Jam

Lola Bunny Halloween Costume Space Jam

Dress Like Lola Bunny From Space Jam;

Lola Bunny Costume: Space Jam Tune Squad Lola Bunny costume, rabbit ears headband with tail and bowtie, knee high tube socks, striped knee-high sexy socks, blonde ponytail wig, satin wrist gloves, and Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.

Lola Bunny Costume Accessories: Elastic ponytail hair bands, aquamarine lenses, bunny shoes.

Lola Bunny Halloween Costume

Lola Bunny Cosplay Space Jam

Lola made her Space Jam debut. She is shown with light brown fur and blonde bangs and wears a purple elastic band like a ponytail on both ears. She has aqua blue eyes and a slim hourglass figure. Lola is shown with light brown fur and a shock of blonde hair. Her outfit consists of a dress with two stripes. Her dress is purple and her stripes are yellow. Her dress is light blue with white stripes. She wears a headband or a purple or blue bow on her ears.

Lola Bunny Cosplay

Lola's personality is a Hawksian, and femme fatale archetypes. She is a no-nonsense, no-nonsense woman who is very independent and confident. She is both very athletic and extremely seductive in her appearance. She is by far the best player after Michael Jordan himself. Lola is considered to be physically beautiful and is usually nice to others, but is incredibly cheeky which leads to her talking constantly and saying exactly what she thinks and what she thinks is important, which annoys others. She appreciates her love for Bugs and would do anything to see if he feels the same for her.

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