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Mysaria Costume


Mysaria Cloak

Mysaria House of the Dragon Cloak

You will need the following items for your Mysaria Cloak:

Daemon Targaryen Cosplay
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How To Dress Like Mysaria From House of the Dragon

Mysaria Halloween Costume House of the Dragon

Dress like Mysaria from House of the Dragon;

Mysaria Costume: White corset, wedding chiffon skirt.

Mysaria Dresses: Line corset prom dress, strapless evening formal dresses.

Mysaria Cloak: Hooded cape.

Mysaria Boot: Lace heel boot.

Mysaria Costume Accessories: Drop earrings, imitation pearl choker, silver chandelier earrings, 5p cloak clasp, 5r rhinestone choker, rhinestone wedding belt.

Mysaria Halloween Costume

Mysaria Cosplay House of the Dragon

Mysaria had snow-pale skin. Yours is supple. Because of her looks and reputation, Mysaria was nicknamed "Misery," the white worm.

While serving as Mistress of the Whisperers, Mysaria wore a hooded robe of black velvet lined with blood-red silk.

Mysaria Cosplay

Mysaria is a former prostitute living in Westeros. Originally a slave from Essos, she worked her way up the criminal underbelly of King's Landing to become Prince Daemon Targaryen's most trusted ally.

Mysaria's character stands out, although he only appears for a brief second.

Mysaria is known as Lady Misery. Mysaria begins as a dancer from Lys who becomes the lover of Prince Daemon Targaryen. She later acts as Rhaenyra Targaryen's Mistress of Whispers and is responsible for providing sound advice to the Queen.

Mysaria will play an important role in House of the Dragon. Though she's never actually appeared in books. She is considered the best master of the whisperers.

Mysaria is played by Ex Machine star Sonoya Mizuno. Mizuno starred in the film directed by Alex Garland. She caused quite a stir as a bride in Crazy Rich Asians.

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