Dress Like Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake Costume


How To Dress Like Nathan Drake From Uncharted Movie

Nathan Drake Halloween Costume

Dress like Nathan Drake from Uncharted movie:

Nathan Drake Costume:  Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) wears a long sleeve henley in Uncharted movie. Both stone and oatmeal colors are good for Nathan Drake cosplay.
The pants that Tom Holland wears in Uncharted for his role as Nathan wears G-Star raw - roxic cargo pants in beige with inclined pockets and a zipper.
You can get the replica of Nathan's necklace, which is actually a ring with a leather strap.
To complete your Nathan Drake Halloween costume you need 5.11 Men's ATAC 2.0 8" Tactical Boots.

Nathan Drake Halloween Costume

Nathan Drake Cosplay

Nathan is the main character of the Uncharted series. Nathan is a professional scavenger. He is a real survivor and fight to death type of person. He knows history like a historian, and he is a calm, and sharp-witted person with lots of luck when he faces danger.

Nathan and Sam (Nathan's older brother) falsely claimed that they are the descents of well-known British pioneer Sir Francis Drake. 

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