John Wick Costume

John Wick Costume

Dress Like John Wick

John Wick Cosplay

Dress like John Wick;

John Wick Outfit: john Wick is almost always seen in a black dress suit, black or white dress shirt, and black dress shoes.

John Wick Wig: John Wick has straight black hair in a chin-length side-swept center part style. You can style your own hair or get a wig for perfect cosplay.

John Wick Dogs: John Wick has a Beagle in the first movie and a pitbull in the second. If you don't have one of these dogs you can use plush toys instead.

John Wick Halloween Costume

John Wick Outfits

Given his tough background and the director's rigorous training for his childhood and adulthood, John could be described as a very serious and stoic person who rarely speaks more than necessary with a strong sense of obligation. As a professional assassin and murderer, John is very confident in his skills and reputation and is respected and feared by many criminal organizations and other assassins alike. Even so, he has a strong moral code and an honor that Zero says is unique among his peers in that John never willingly draws or threatens innocent people into his workplace. Despite his professionalism, he is also friendly and develops close friendships with many other dangerous people like Marcus and even the director of the Continental Hotel Winston. His good side also shows after meeting Helen. John was ready to end his career as a murderer and lead a normal happy life with her that Winston described as impossible.

John Wick Cosplay

Born Jardani Jovanovich, John Wick was a Ruska Roma orphan from Belarus before he was accepted by the director. The director brought him to the United States and under her guidance, Jardani developed martial arts skills and basic training. At some point Jardani took the name "Jonathan" John "Wick" and left the Ruska Roma for unknown reasons. In the comics, John was a thief in an impoverished Mexican village who was nearly killed by a group of armed men led by a woman named Calamity for stealing from them.

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