Dress to Impress: A Step-by-Step Paul Allen Costume Guide

As Halloween approaches, it's time to dive into the dark and stylish world of Patrick Bateman's circle with a Paul Allen costume inspired by the movie "American Psycho." Paul Allen, a character with an affluent lifestyle and a taste for the finer things in life, offers a unique and intriguing costume choice. In this costume guide, we'll walk you through the steps to achieve the suave and sophisticated look of Paul Allen. From his sharp three-piece suit to his attention to detail, we'll make sure you're ready to impress at any Halloween party.

Paul Allen Costume


How To Dress Like Paul Allen From American Psycho

Paul Allen Outfits

How to Dress Like Paul Allen - Step by Step Guide

Step 1: The Signature Suit

To start your transformation into Paul Allen, you'll need a pinstripe three-piece suit. Opt for a suit with a sleek and tailored fit to capture his sophisticated style. This suit is the cornerstone of the Paul Allen look, so make sure it's spot on.

Step 2: The Crisp Oxford Shirt

Underneath your stylish suit, wear a classic white Oxford shirt. Ensure it's neatly pressed and impeccably clean. Paul Allen is all about attention to detail, and a crisp shirt is a must.

Step 3: The Accessories

Paul Allen pays close attention to his accessories. Complete your look with X-style heavy suspenders, a gold-red stripe tie, and a stainless steel signet ring. These details add a touch of luxury to your costume.

Step 4: The Wig and Business Card Holder

Paul Allen's distinct hairstyle is characterized by a brown wig. Find a wig that matches his style. Additionally, carry a business card holder to pay homage to his obsession with these little status symbols.

Step 5: The Final Touches

No Paul Allen costume is complete without a puff cigar, Mehron makeup stage blood (for dramatic effect), and custom business cards. These details will make your costume unmistakably authentic.


Paul Allen Cosplay

Paul Allen Halloween Costume

How to Act Like Paul Allen at a Halloween Party

Now that you look the part, it's time to embody the character:

Step 1: Confidence Is Key

Paul Allen exudes confidence. Walk with a purpose, maintain excellent posture, and exude self-assuredness throughout the evening.

Step 2: Mingle and Network

At the party, mingle with fellow attendees as if you're at a high-stakes business gathering. Engage in conversations about investment opportunities and exclusive reservations.

Step 3: Drop Subtle Hints

Subtly drop hints about your lavish lifestyle and exotic vacations. Paul Allen loved to boast about his extravagant experiences.

Step 4: Politeness and Charm

Paul Allen was known for his polite and charming demeanor. Be courteous and make everyone you meet feel important.

Step 5: Maintain the Mystery

Lastly, maintain an air of mystery about your character. Keep people guessing about your true intentions, just as Paul Allen did in the movie.

About Paul Allen

The Enigmatic Paul Allen

In "American Psycho," Paul Allen represents the epitome of wealth and privilege. His character's sharp contrast with Patrick Bateman's sinister nature sets the stage for the movie's gripping narrative. Paul Allen's obsession with material success and his tragic fate contribute to the film's dark and satirical tone.

Paul Allen Halloween Costume

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to embodying the character, you can become Paul Allen from "American Psycho" and captivate everyone at your Halloween party. Embrace the sophistication, confidence, and enigma that define this iconic character. As you mingle with fellow partygoers, remember to keep the mystery alive and indulge in the allure of Paul Allen's world. Get ready to impress and immerse yourself in the stylish darkness of "American Psycho" this Halloween!

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