Dress Like Thomas Shelby

How To Dress Like Thomas Shelby From Peaky Blinders


How to Dress Like Thomas Shelby

For all 4 seasons (5 coming soon) Thomas Shelby has worn the same suit with only some moderate changes in the last two seasons. Set in 1919 which was somewhere in between Edwardian fashion and roaring 20s style there was the look of the Jazz Age. Men’s Jazz suits that had slim fitting high waisted pants with a tapered cuff hitting slightly above the ankle, a narrow shoulder sack suit coat (loose and straight) with peak or notch lapels, and matching 5 or 6 button vest. Only the upper and middle classes could afford a new suit, most people living in Birmingham would have worn older, second-hand clothes that may not have matched or fit well. Wearing a suit without a vest was a common sign a man was working poor. Shelby being a man of the lower class but having some wealth dressed a little better than the neighborhood gang but was also careless in his choice of clothing.

Thomas Shelby Costume

Picky Blinders Thomas Shelby Outfits
Picky Blinders Thomas Shelby Outfits

Thomas Shelby Halloween Costume

Dress like Thomas Shelby; Thomas Shelby costume consists of outfits from 1910s and 1920s like suit, dress shirt, overcoat and tie, to complete your Thomas Shelby costume you also need 1920s wool hat and pocket watch if you are series about your Thomas Shelby look you may also need whiskey glasses and a vintage lighter with some herbal cigarettes if you are non smoker.

Picky Blinders Thomas Shelby Outfits

Thomas Shelby Costume

Shelby’s suit was usually made of a grey tweed and later a blue wool. Blue suits became very popular around 1924, when season 3 was set, noting a fashion move from the drab post-war years to the colorful roaring 20s.  Wool suits were quite heavy compared to today’s fine suiting material that gave it a thick textured look to it. You won’t find this fabric available today unless you have a suit custom made. The closest new suits are a textured tweed or faux tweed pattern. The fit is slim but not skinny.  Most modern skinny suits that are on trend now are even slimmer fitting but easier to find and more affordable than reproduction 20s Jazz Suits.

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