Dress Like Poko

Poko Costume


You will need the following items for your Poko Halloween Costume:

How To Dress Like Poko

Poko Halloween Costume

Dress like Poko;

Poko Wig: #1 short brown afro curly wig.

Poko Costume Top: #2 ringer contrast tee shirt.

Poko Lens: #3 hidrocor gen 3 cambuci green eyes.

Poko Costume Makeup: #4 blue hair coloring wax.

Poko Shorts: #5 regular-fit denim shorts.

Poko Costume Accessories: #6 slip-on sneaker sock.

Poko Shoe: #7 Vans low-top sneaker.

Poko Halloween Costume

Poko Cosplay

Poko is a Canadian stop-motion children's television series about a young boy, his dog, and his toy monkey. Produced by Jeff Rosen in Canada by Halifax Film Company, Poko began production in 2003 and ended in 2006 after three production cycles.

Poko Cosplay

Poko is still airing on CBC Television in Canada. It was narrated by actor and dancer Cory Bowles. In Brazil, it was narrated by Capital Initial front man Dinho Ouro Preto.

The show won the 2004 Gemini for Best Preschool Program and the 2007 Alliance for Children & Television Grand Prize.

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