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The Slender Man is a supernatural creature with nebulously defined characteristics and abilities. Slender Man was first mentioned in Something Awful Forums' Creating Paranormal Images.

Slender Man has been portrayed in imagery and literature as being between 6 and 15 feet tall, depending on the situation, although he is typically only around 6 to 7 feet tall in videos. Due to its inaccuracy and differences between accounts, no one has yet determined what exactly the Slender Man is. There are currently two leading theories as to what Slender Man might be: the Tulpa Effect and Quantum Theory.

How To Dress Like Slenderman From The Slender Man

Slenderman Cosplay

Dress Like Slenderman From The Slender Man

Slenderman generally appears as a large humanoid creature dressed in a black or gray suit, red or black tie, and white shirt. His face is completely white, completely featureless. He has no hair and generally normal-looking bare hands, albeit with longer and bonier fingers than a typical human.

Slenderman Halloween Costume

Slenderman Halloween Costume

In almost every description of the slender man, his characteristics vary, sometimes greatly. However, its basic look and characteristics are relatively consistent across different accounts. His appearance has varied over the years, but the most common image - and the most well-known in the media - is that of an unusually tall human with long arms and a completely blank face.

He is usually portrayed in a business suit, which can be either real cloth or some sort of skin molded to look like cloth. In the first case, this would indicate an intelligent being trying to adapt. In the second case, it indicates an extremely adaptable being that adapts to its environment.

Slenderman Cosplay

It behaves in a manner that could be described as passive-aggressive, often pursuing targets for years before ever attacking them. It is understood that he tends to mentally torment his targets for long periods of time, using fear and paranoia to drive them insane.

No one has ever satisfactorily explained the reasons for its tactics or the way it selects its victims, and its intentions and/or motivations have yet to be fully elucidated. He is rarely, if ever, portrayed in a good or benevolent light and is commonly understood as a malevolent force.

Slender Man is a mystery. He looks like a human but doesn't act like one. It is uncertain if he is a social creature, understands human languages ​​or behaviors, or why humans seem to be his primary targets. Sometimes it seems like he can achieve his goals in some cases. The mere appearance of Slender Man provokes fear.

That's partly because of his towering size and overall pesky appearance, and partly because of his demeanor, which is almost entirely alien. Humans also find The Slender Man extremely difficult to describe: a description in words can be given, but the ability to fully describe the creature is often lacking. It is believed that Slender Man originated/exists from a fourth dimensional plane, which would explain some of his apparent abilities.

There are two main descriptions of The Slender Man's behavior. Originally, he was not only portrayed as evil, but also extremely dangerous. He would pursue his targets, impaling them on trees and removing their organs. In comparison, contemporary depictions have rendered him a more passive-aggressive being. Rather than actively hunting, he tends to slowly drive his prey insane to the point where they can no longer handle it, often observing this from a distance.

When angered, it attacks the attacker and disappears with its victim to an unknown location. Modern interpretations also show The Slender Man interacting with electronic devices in strange ways, causing massive interference with audio and video recording equipment. Sometimes a person can tell if The Slender Man is nearby simply by how certain electronics work. Radios, televisions and cameras are particularly susceptible. How strong this effect is seems to vary, which can either be due to Slender Man's state of aggression or other external factors that he may or may not control

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