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Diy Kid Little Mermaid Costume

Diy Kid Little Mermaid Costume Items

Little Mermaid Halloween Costume

Little Mermaid Halloween Costume

Princess Melody is the protagonist of Disney's The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. She is the daughter of Ariel and Prince Eric, who dream of living under the sea.
Melody is a cheeky, wild, socially awkward but well-mannered princess with an adventurous spirit. She inherited her mother's natural curiosity as well as her father's determination. During her childhood, her parents wanted her to live a normal life and tried to suppress her Atlantic nature to protect her from harm. Unfortunately, they underestimated how much their mermaid half would affect their lives.

Princess Melody Halloween Costume

Princess Melody Halloween Costume

When her Atlantic nature reappeared in her, Melody became more and more drawn to the sea without knowing why and forced her to collect all sorts of objects from the sea, a parallel to her mother at the age of 16, only the other way around. Most of the time, Melody was unable to adapt to children her age because her mermaid half made her peers out of place in the eyes of her peers. For this reason, Melody was avoided by her peers in her childhood, which had a very negative effect on her. She became socially awkward, insecure, and less self-hating. Finally, she believed that she had no place in the world. But when she discovered Merpeople's existence, Melody immediately wanted to live among them and believed that they were the only ones in the world who could empathize with and relate to her.

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