Dress Like Rachel & Ross

If you're looking for a couples costume idea that's sure to be a hit this Halloween, look no further than Rachel and Ross from the hit TV show Friends. Here's a guide to help you put together the perfect Rachel and Ross couples costume:


Rachel Green Costume


You will need the following items for your Rachel Green Halloween costume:

  1. Long-Sleeve Crewneck Sweater
  2. Light Olive Skinny Jean
  3. Open Front Long Maxi Cardigan
  4. Temporary Tattoo Marker

Rachel Green is one of the six main characters in the popular sitcom Friends. She is played by Jennifer Aniston. She is the love interest of Ross Gellar and best friend of Monica Gellar.

Dress like Rachel from Friends by dressing up in black long sleeve sweater, olive green jeans, and dark green long cardigan.

Ross Geller Costume

You will need the following items for your Ross Geller Halloween costume:

  1. Wrangler Men's Relaxed Fit Jean
  2. Crew Undershirt
  3. Long Sleeve Easy Care Shirt
  4. Stainless-Steel Watch
  5. Temporary Tattoo Marker
  6. Black Work Shoe

Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer,  was one of the main characters on Friends.  His nerdy personality and very awkward sense of humor are what makes him famous.

Get the look of Ross by dressing up in relaxed fit jeans, white crew undershirt, long sleeve shirt, and a silver stainless steel watch.

How To Dress Like Rachel and Ross From Friends

Rachel and Ross Halloween Costume

For Rachel's Costume:

  1. Long-Sleeve Crewneck Sweater: Rachel often wore cozy and stylish sweaters on the show, so choose a classic crewneck sweater in a bold color, such as red or purple.
  2. Light Olive Skinny Jean: For the bottom half of the costume, opt for a pair of light olive skinny jeans. This will match Rachel's signature casual yet chic style.
  3. Open Front Long Maxi Cardigan: Rachel was known for her love of layering, and an open front long maxi cardigan will complete her look. Choose a neutral color, such as beige or grey.
  4. Temporary Tattoo Marker: In one memorable episode, Rachel gets a fake tattoo of a small heart. You can recreate this look with a temporary tattoo marker.

For Ross's Costume:

  1. Wrangler Men's Relaxed Fit Jean: Just like Rachel, Ross was a fan of comfortable and casual clothing. A pair of relaxed fit jeans will be the perfect base for his costume.
  2. Crew Undershirt: Underneath his button-up shirt, Ross often wore a basic crew neck undershirt. This will complete the comfortable and casual look.
  3. Long Sleeve Easy Care Shirt: For the top layer of his costume, Ross wore classic long-sleeve button-up shirts. Choose a color that matches his style, such as blue or green.
  4. Stainless-Steel Watch: Ross is a man of science, and he's often seen wearing a classic stainless-steel watch. Make sure to wear one to complete his costume.
  5. Temporary Tattoo Marker: In one memorable episode, Ross gets a fake tattoo of a tribal symbol. You can recreate this look with a temporary tattoo marker.
  6. Black Work Shoe: Complete Ross's look with a pair of black work shoes. Choose a comfortable and practical style that matches his everyday look.

By putting these items together, you and your partner will have a great Rachel and Ross couples costume that will impress any Friends fan. Don't forget to practice your best Rachel and Ross impressions and catchphrases, like "I was on a break!" or "It's like all my life everyone's always left me."

Rachel and Ross Cosplay

If you and your wife are dressing up as Rachel and Ross from Friends for Halloween, there are a few things you can do to really bring the characters to life:

  1. Play up the classic Ross and Rachel banter: As one of the most iconic couples in TV history, Ross and Rachel are known for their witty banter and playful arguments. Try to incorporate some of their classic lines into your conversations throughout the night.
  2. Strike classic Ross and Rachel poses: If you want to get really into character, practice striking some of the classic poses from the show, such as Ross and Rachel's infamous "pivot" scene.
  3. Act out classic Ross and Rachel moments: Friends is full of classic Ross and Rachel moments, from their first kiss to their big breakup. Try acting out some of these scenes together to really bring the characters to life.
  4. Don't be afraid to show some affection: Ross and Rachel are a couple, after all, so don't be afraid to show some affection towards each other throughout the night. Whether it's a kiss or a handhold, it will help you and your wife really embody the characters and bring some romance to the party.
  5. Have fun with it: At the end of the day, Halloween is all about having fun, so don't be afraid to really let loose and enjoy the night as Ross and Rachel. Remember, the more fun you're having, the more other people will enjoy your costume!

Rachel And Ross Couple Costume

Rachel asks Ross what fantasy he has in episode 1 of season 3, and he tells her about Princess Leia with the gold bikini. Rachel tells Ross she will do it for him, which she does.  The other day Ross shares this with Chandler, however hearing Chandler's thoughts about being with a woman in the bed and mental images of his mom at the same moment, stuck in Ross' brain, and kind of ruined his long waited Princess Leia fantasy with Rachel.

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