Dress Like Roxanne Ritchi

Roxanne Ritchi Costume


You will need the following items for your Roxanne Ritchi Halloween costume:

  1. Short Sleeve Shirt
  2. Business Pencil Skirt
  3. Dark Brown Cosplay Wig
  4. Black Medium Heel Shoes
  5. Leather Black Belt
  6. Karaoke Microphone


How To Dress Like Roxanne Ritchi From Megamind

Roxanne Ritchi Outfits

Dress like Roxanne Ritchi;

Roxanne Ritchi Costume: For your Roxanne Ritchi Halloween costume, you will need a short sleeve shirt, business pencil skirt and black medium heel shoes.

Roxanne Ritchi Accessories: To complete your Roxanne Ritchi look, don't forget to get a leather black belt and last but not least, a karaoke microphone.


Roxanne Ritchi Halloween Costume

Roxanne Ritchi Halloween Costume

Roxanne Ritchi, often referred to as Roxanne or Roxie, is an intelligent, hardworking, practical journalist, Metro Man's supposed girlfriend, and Megamind's former hostage in nearly every single one of her battles against Metro Man.

Not much is known about Roxanne's life except that she went cycling with her mother in Metro City Park in her youth and became best friends with a girl named Vida in middle school.

Megamind is the story's supervillain, and like any good supervillain who knows her stuff, he needs a hostage to lure the good guy Metro Man to fight him. Enter Roxanne Ritchi, a reluctant teen in distress. Megamind has missed him so much that he is no longer afraid of him.

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