Walter Thrombey Costume

Walter Thrombey Costume


How To Dress Like Walter Thrombey From Knives Out

Walter Thrombey Halloween Costume

Dress like Walter Thrombey;

Walter Thrombey Costume: For your Walter Thrombey Halloween costume, you will need a long sleeve shirt, casual khaki pants, a retro sweater and dark brown loafers.

Walter Thrombey Accessories: To complete your Walter Thrombey look, don't forget to get a walking stick, a fracture boot and last but not least, a fake face beard.


Walter Thrombey Halloween Costume

Walter Thrombey Cosplay Costume

Walter Thrombey, played by Michael Shannon, is Harlan Thrombey's son and CEO of Harlan's publishing company.

Harlan fires his son after his father insists that Netflix let him adapt his novels for movies to earn more money.

Walter Thrombey, the youngest, is the most childish and spoiled of all family members. He also seems to be the most unsuccessful in the family. While Walter appears to be politically conservative, he doesn't share his son's far-right views: he doesn't even realize what Jacob is getting into.


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

If you're planning to dress up as Walter Thrombey from Glass Onion, there are a few other characters from the movie that your friends and family can dress up as for a complete group costume. Here are some ideas:

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With these costume ideas, you and your friends and family can create a fun and cohesive group costume based on Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

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