Dress Like Saul Goodman From Season 6

Saul Goodman Outfits


How To Dress Like Saul Goodman From Better Call Saul Season 6

Jimmy McGill Saul Goodman Halloween Costume Better Call Saul

Dress like Saul Goodman from Better Call Saul Season 6;

Saul Goodman Outfits Checkered: Flat-front dress pant, lilac dress shirt, novelty tie, checkered blazer jacket, slip-on loafer, and leather belt.

Saul Goodman Outfits Plaid: Leather dress belt, plaid suits, luxury dress shoe, purple French cuff shirt, patterned silk tie.

Saul Goodman Costume Accessories: Short brown wig, blue eyes lenses, gold black dial watch, gold ring.

Saul Goodman Halloween Costume

Jimmy McGill Saul Goodman Cosplay Better Call Saul

In both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, the wardrobe has great symbolic importance. The looks are by Jennifer Bryan, a costume designer who worked on the final season of Breaking Bad and then moved in with Odenkirk, and Vince Gilligan.

He's wearing a double-breasted suit because there's something flashy about a double-breasted suit. Nobody else wears a double-breasted suit on the show. It belongs exclusively to him.

Saul Goodman Cosplay

Better Call Saul chronicles Jimmy's transformation into a dedicated and criminal lawyer. Jimmy is introduced as a struggling attorney. He is forced to defend clients in lost cases. Jimmy is barely making ends meet.

Chuck is mentally ill and Jimmy takes on the task of taking care of his brother. He first introduced that Jimmy is far from the person he will eventually become. He is a kind and caring individual who is interested in being successful and showing off his legal skills.

Gradually it turns out that Jimmy is more of a con man than a lawyer. Jimmy has never shown any remorse for his past as a con artist or the harm he caused others, especially his father. Overall, he enjoys the thrill of tricking people and furthering his own interests.

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