Dress Like Max Mayfield From Season 4

Max Mayfield Season 4 Costume


How To Dress Like Max Mayfield From Stranger Things Season 4

Dress like Max Mayfield Season 4 from Stranger Things Season 4:

Max Mayfield's Season 4 Costume: To dress like Max Mayfield in her season 4 look, you need a little different clothing than her season 3 looks.

Max Mayfield Season 4 Costume 1: If you want to dress like Max Mayfield, you should get a navy blue blouse, a pair of jeans, a jacket shirt, and red shoes.

Max Mayfield Season 4 Accessories: Don't forget the red wig, burgundy backpack, yellow wristwatch, and most importantly the Sony Walkman to complete your Max Mayfield Season 4 Costume.

Max Mayfield Season 4 Costume 2

Other Max Mayfield Costume From Season 4

Max Mayfield Season 4 Outfits 2

Dress Like Max Mayfield's Other Outfits From Stranger Things Season 4

If you want to dress up as in this scene where Max is suspended, you should get a blue jacket with yellow stripes, a striped t-shirt, a pair of jeans, red shoes, and a blue buckle.

Max Mayfield Season 4 Volume 2 Costume

Stranger Things Cosplay Ideas

Max Mayfield Season 4 Cosplay

One of the big surprises in the season 4 trailer is about Max. As the image above shows, Max appears to be floating over Dustin, Lucas, and Steve at one point in Stranger Things 4. So does this mean she has superpowers like Eleven?

This time we take a look at the characters' lives in a new city; Though they're far from Hawkins, their battle with the creatures of Upside Down is far from over.

Who is Max Mayfield?

Max is a tomboy and has many interests that some would not consider "conventional" for a girl in this era. Growing up in California, she showed no interest in things like press-on nails, perms, or tanning. She loves skateboarding and knows how to play arcade games as she is good enough to get the highest score. She also shows a slight interest in horror films, having dressed up as Michael Myers for Halloween.

Max has some driving experience and was pretty good at driving her brother's car. Whenever Billy's father hit her, Max stood up for Billy to protect her and even offered her ice cream. Max admitted that sometimes she hated Billy and sometimes liked her.

Initially antisocial and suspicious of other people, she often proved very bitter and generally distant due to her move to Hawkins and the abusive treatment from her brother. Her suspicious behavior made her skeptical, and she often found it difficult to believe the strange events unfolding in her new city. Still, she was willing to help once she accepted the seriousness of the situation.

While initially fending off attempts by Lucas and Dustin to befriend her, she revealed herself eager to become a member of the party and constantly had to endure their harsh treatment in order to be accepted. Eventually accepted into the party, she was fiercely loyal to her new friends, identified as "Zoomer" as her role in the group, and went so far as to turn on Billy to protect her.

A year after moving to Hawkins and making new friends, Max is becoming more social and less sarcastic. Even after seeing the Upside Down and its monsters, Max still has doubts about the supernatural and weird mysteries, but she believes in them; Highlighting the fact that Max is slowly coming to understand and accept the paranormal events.

Max is also shown to offer good advice, particularly to Eleven, with whom she forms a friendship after the latter begins to resolve relationship issues with Mike while Max struggles with her relationship with Lucas.

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