Shadow Moth Costume

Shadow Moth Costume

You need the following items for your Shadow Moth Halloween costume:

  1. Purple Gothic Coat
  2. Purple Dress Pants
  3. Peacock Folding Fans
  4. Purple Dress Shoes
  5. Purple Sharpie Permanent Markers
  6. Black Sharpie Permanent Markers
  7. Black Leather Gloves
  8. Walking Sticks
  9. Metallic Face Mask

The Shadow Moth's costume is the same as that of the Hawk Moth, but now has a medium blue-purple tail coat on its tail with a series of rounded spots with medium blue, dark purple centered spots resembling a peacock's tail feathers. The collar of that coat forms a large collar that is wider at the back, and he wears a peacock feather-like, mid-blue and teardrop-shaped cocktail mask with a darker purple mark in the middle and a bright red translucent eyehole over it. The Miraculous Peacock in the form of a Shadow Moth is placed under the Butterfly Miracle brooch.

How To Dress Like Shadow Moth From Miraculous Ladybug

Shadow Moth Halloween Costume

Dress like Shadow Moth;

Shadow Moth Costume: For your Shadow Moth Halloween costume, you will need a purple gothic coat, purple dress pants, black leather gloves and purple dress shoes.

Shadow Moth Accessories: To complete your Shadow Moth look, don't forget to get peacock folding fans, purple sharpie permanent markers, black sharpie permanent markers, a metallic face mask and last but not least, a walking stick.


Shadow Moth Halloween Costume

Shadow Moth Halloween Cosplay Costume

As the Shadow Moth, he has the abilities of both Butterfly and Peacock Miracles, and has the ability to create akumatized champions with sentry monsters as his companions. He also has both a cane and a hand fan as weapons, using the latter's feathers to create his amoks. After the akuma or amok make contact, the fusion of both akumatization and the light mask of amokization appears on them.

"Several fragile hearts that break all at the same time. What a lovely symphony for my akumas. Fly away my akuma and evilize them!"

-Shadow Moth


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