Marta Cabrera Costume

Marta Cabrera Costume

You need the following items for your Marta Cabrera Halloween costume:

  1. Casual Long Sleeve Sweater
  2. Short Duffle Coat
  3. Fingerless Gloves
  4. Leg Pants
  5. Warm Socks
  6. All-Star Converse
  7. Rainbow Winter Scarf

Check out our Marta Cabrera costume guide to get the look of Marta Cabrera, the clever and beautiful character from the movie Knives Out.

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How To Dress Like Marta Cabrera From Knives Out

Marta Cabrera Cosplay Costume

Dress like Marta Cabrera;

Marta Cabrera Costume: For your Marta Cabrera Halloween costume, you will need a casual long-sleeve sweater, a short duffle, a leg pant coat and all-star converse.

Marta Cabrera Accessories: To complete your Marta Cabrera look, don't forget to get blue fingerless gloves, warm socks and last but not least, a rainbow winter scarf.


Marta Cabrera Halloween Costume

Marta Cabrera Halloween Costume

Marta Cabrera is the deuteragonist of Knives Out. She lives with her family and works as Harlan Thrombey's registered nurse. She was portrayed by Ana de Armas.

Marta is the nurse hired directly by Harlan Thrombey to work at her home and receives a flat fee. She is not part of a VNA. She was cited as a good nurse by Benoit Blanc for being able to tell very small differences in viscosity between Harlan's drugs.

Marta and Harlan have become very close friends and since she is the closest person to him whom Harlan considers a good person, she secretly makes her the sole heir to her legacy. Marta Cabrera's situation is complicated by a medical condition that causes her to vomit when she lies. She manages to get around this by lying that Fran is alive and holding the vomit long enough for Ransom to get involved in Fran's murder.

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