Squid Game Gi Hun (456) Costume

Squid Game Gi Hun (456) Costume

You need the following items for your Gi Hun (456) from Squid Game Halloween costume:

  1. Squid Game 456 T-Shirt (Other Numbers Available)
  2. Squid Game 456 Tracksuit (Other Numbers Available)
  3. DIY Dalgona Cooking Set
  4. White Sneakers

How To Dress Like Gi Hun (456) From Squid Game

Squid Game 456 Halloween Costume

Dress like Gi Hun (456) from Netflix's Squid Game;

Gi Hun's Costume: As a participant of Squid Game, Gi Hun wears the same t-shirt and tracksuit as all other participants with his number (456) written on them.

Gi Hun's Accessories: To complete your Gin Hun Halloween costume don't forget white sneakers and optionally DIY dalgona cooking set to cook your own dalgona sweets.

Seong Gi Hun Halloween Costume

Seong Gi-hun is a chauffeur and a gambling addict. He lives with his mother and tries to support his daughter financially. He takes part in the game to pay off his debts to banks and the mafia. In the games, he behaves differently from other participants. He seems to care about other players even though they are all his rivals.

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