Lanky Kong Costume

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Lanky Kong Costume

You need the following items for your Lanky Kong Halloween costume:

  1. Donkey Kong Costume (use without tie)
  2. Levi's Men's 550 Short
  3. Blue Suspenders for Men
  4. Yellow Button
  5. Cropped Tank Top For Men

How To Dress Like Lanky Kong From Donkey Kong 64

Lanky Kong Halloween Costume

Dress like Lanky Kong;

Lanky Kong's Outfit: Lanky Kong is a Sumatran orangutan. His fur is orangish and his clothing reflects his personality. He wears denim-looking jean shorts with suspenders of the same color and a white crop top. He has two big yellow buttons at the junction of his shorts and suspenders. Even though he wears clothing as an orangutan, he doesn't wear shoes.

Lanky Kong Halloween Costume

Lanky Kong Cosplay

Lanky Kong is a crazy Orange Sumatran orangutan Kong and an ally of the DK Krew and the Kong Family. He is described as "a twisted branch on a distant branch of the family tree" rather than a biologically distant cousin. He first appeared in Donkey Kong 64 with Tiny and Chunky Kong.

Because of its name and orange fur, it resembles the Manky Kongs, a clan to which it might be related. Despite his lack of style, grace, and funny face, he has the longest arms of any Kong in the DK series.

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