Dress Like Tabitha Lenox

Tabitha Lenox Costume


You will need the following items for your Tabitha Lenox Halloween Costume:

Tabitha is over three hundred years old and is Harmony's most notable ex-witch. Tabitha is a witch who was imprisoned in a cave hundreds of years ago.

Cosplay Tabitha by dressing up in her vintage dress and wig, pumps, and accessories set.

How To Dress Like Tabitha Lenox From Passions

Tabitha Lenox Passions Halloween Costume

Dress like Tabitha Lenox from Passions;

Tabitha Lenox Costume Wig: #1 medium long curly blonde 80s rocker wig.

Tabitha Lenox Costume Dresses: #2 lace popover formal evening dress, #3 sheer lace long sleeve open front long body asymmetric hem hi low duster cardigan, #4 bride knee mother lace women of elegant, #6 floral printed chiffon gown.

Tabitha Lenox Costume Jewelry: #5 genuine boho/bohemia style leather layered bracelet, #10 long boho bohemian statement ethnic tribal necklace, #11 moon leaf turquoise necklace bohemian costume pendant chain, #13 red garnet, and white lab-grown diamond 18k yellow gold plated silver women engagement ring, #14 hollow drop dangle earrings set, #15 leather earrings dangle.

Tabitha Lenox Costume Accessories: #7 twist wire headbands for women retro paisley bandana scarves flower leaf print head wrap rabbit ears bow hairband.

Tabitha Lenox Costume Makeup: #8 all-in-one kit 27-piece multi-purpose gift set full essential starter makeup kit.

Tabitha Lenox Costume Top: #9 short sleeve floral print lightweight chiffon kimono cardigan loose beach cover-up blouse top.

Tabitha Lenox Costume Shoes: #12 Mary Jane pumps chunky block shoes heart hollow adorable vintage shoe, #16 vintage style pump.

Tabitha Lenox Halloween Costume

Tabitha Lenox Passions Cosplay

Tabitha Costume: This is a difficult costume idea. Just search online for Tabitha's set of dresses, wigs, and accessories. If you don't already have pumps, go to a local retail store where you can easily find a pair.

Tabitha Lenox Cosplay

Tabitha is a witch over three hundred years old. Tabitha was in harmony. She was burned by the Puritans. Tabitha set the fire in Boston. Her powers prevented the Standish women from reaching their full powers. She must try to calm the evil within her. She cursed her again when her Timmy recently died. She was determined to get revenge.

She was willing to kill Julian Crane... until she became his lover! After her passionate night with Julian, Tabitha was shocked to discover she was pregnant. After trying to hide her condition for many months. Tabitha was eventually outed when the city found out she was also pregnant.

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