Dress Like Sox Lightyear

Sox Lightyear Costume


You will need the following items for your Sox Lightyear Halloween Costume:

  1. Sox Full Set Costume
  2. Lightyear Sox Costume
  3. White Kids Gloves
  4. Cats ID Tags
  5. Dolly Green Cosplay Eyes
  6. Adjustable Leather Choker Collar

Sox is a robotic cat and Buzz's personal companion in the 2022 Disney/Pixar animated film Lightyear.

Resembling a reddish-white robotic cat with green eyes, Sox wears a blue collar with his name engraved on it.

Do you have a best friend to cosplay with? If yes, get her to dress up as Buzz to turn this solo cosplay to an awesome best friend couple costume.

Buzz Lightyear Outfits

How To Dress Like Sox Lightyear From Lightyear

Sox Lightyear Halloween Costume

Dress like Buzz Sox from Lightyear;

Want to dress up as Sox Lightyear? You can be sure that you will look very funny when you dress like him. To dress like him, you just need a cat suit, a blue collar and an Id tag. If you wish, you can buy lenses in the online store for Sox's green eyes.


Sox Lightyear Halloween Costume

Sox Lightyear Cosplay

Sox was a gift from Alisha when Buzz returned four years later during his first hyperspeed test flight. Programmed to provide personal and emotional support to Buzz, he is equipped with a number of accessories needed to support him, including: a tranquilizer, a blowtorch, a searchlight, and the ability to bypass computer systems by swinging his tail plugged into a computer outlet.

Despite being an intelligent robot and able to talk, Sox still behaves like a real cat, rubbing up against people's legs, purring when shown affection, and getting distracted by laser dots.

Sox Lightyear Cosplay

The name Sox is a pun on the word "socks" which is a common human item, most likely after him as a cat sock name as it is a popular domestic cat name among cat owners. However, in Australian origin, the name Sox means "savior". A Sox sticker was emblazoned on Miriam Mendelsohn's skateboard in Turning Red.

In an early version of Lightyear, Sox was originally intended to look and act much more feline in order to appear more literal to the red cats in real life. He also had no collar, yellow eyes, and stripes on his body and tail. According to storyboard artist Dean Heezen, Sox could have done some additional feline things, including stretching, standing up on its hind legs, ambush, and itch.

He would also have coughed up hairballs, and he would also have had retractable claws and real fangs. He even had Tapidum Lucidum, aka Night Vision, when Buzz or one of the Junior Zap Patrol beamed at him.

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