Dress Like Teddy Flood

Teddy Flood Costume


How To Dress Like Teddy Flood From Westworld


Dress like Teddy Flood from Westworld;

Teddy Flood Costume;

Teddy Flood Hat: Wool cowboy hat.

Teddy Flood Vest: Tweed vest.

Teddy Flood Scarf: Cashmere scarf.

Teddy Flood Blouse: Linen Henley blouse, linen long sleeve shirt.

Teddy Flood Jacket: Blazer knit jacket.

Teddy Flood Boot: Toloni boot, western Texas star jingle bob spur.

Teddy Flood Belt: Western leather gun holster & belt.

Teddy Flood Jean: Cowboy cut jean.

Teddy Flood Accessories: Cowboy army revolver toy.

Teddy Flood Halloween Costume


Teddy Flood is a host early in the series and is Dolores’s greatest love interest. His character often steps in to protect her from the nefarious intentions of the guests, including the Man in Black. Teddy is portrayed primarily as the archetypal chivalrous western hero until Dolores alters his personality to further her own gains, leading to an existential crisis.

Teddy's costume consists of a brown cowboy hat, a leather halter, and a gray suit.

Teddy Flood Cosplay

Teddy is a host who has always played the hero in Westworld. He is handsome, chivalrous and gallant, fearless and courageous. While other hosts ask if there's more to discover in the world around them, Teddy doesn't seem like a "deep thinker" and just seems to follow his programming.

Teddy's personality seems to have changed since his new backstory of Dr. Robert Ford was added.

His personality was altered by Dolores after she thought he was too dim-witted to be part of her movement. His new personality is far more ruthless, as he kills a prisoner without remorse after an interrogation reveals that the prisoner no longer has any useful information. As his actions became more brutal, Teddy couldn't handle the knowledge that Dolores violently altered his personality and ended up killing himself in front of Dolores.

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