Dress Like Bernard Lowe

Bernard Lowe Costume


You will need the following items for your Bernard Lowe Halloween Costume:

How To Dress Like Bernard Lowe From Westworld

Bernard Lowe Westworld Halloween Costume

Dress like Bernard Lowe from Westworld;

Bernard Lowe Costume;

Bernard Lowe Suit: Tweed groom suits.

Bernard Lowe Glasses: Blue Polo eyewear.

Bernard Lowe Shoe: Black Oxford dress shoe.

Bernard Lowe Beard: Full beard mustache.

Bernard Lowe Shirt: Vintage white solid shirt.

Bernard Lowe Gun: Air rifle.

Bernard Lowe Halloween Costume

Bernard Lowe Westworld Cosplay

Intelligent, attentive, and reserved. Bernard is a brilliant engineer. He tends to play things close to the vest. He prefers to investigate an issue personally rather than jumping to conclusions or reporting it to management. Bernard is quiet, thoughtful, and introverted, but he's no pushover when it comes to the things he truly believes in.

Bernard Lowe Cosplay

Bernard has human-like feelings. Until instructed to shut off his emotions, he was distraught at being forced to murder his associate and lover, Theresa Cullen. He was also appalled that it was believed he had been used to assassinate his colleague Elsie Hughes.

Bernard spends many hours in the design offices of Westworld, a fantasy western playground for the super-rich. It is populated by lifelike "hosts" destined to be kissed and killed by Westworld's guests. Head of Westworld Programming. Bernard sometimes seems detached from the world around him, more inquisitive than he admits.

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