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How To Dress Like The Deep From The Boys

The Deep The Boys Halloween Costume

Dress like The Deep From The Boys;

The Deep Costume Sets: #1 The Deep costume jumpsuit, #7 The Deep bodysuit fancy suit tight, #9 The Deep cosplay jumpsuit.

The Deep Costume Tights: #6 festival clothing: holographic merman megging, #8 compression pant baselayer cool dry sports tights legging.

The Deep Costume Top: #3 fish scales pattern swim shirt

The Deep Costume Arm & Glove: #5 fish scales arm sleeve, #11 leather driving gloves motorcycle glove.

The Deep Costume Belt: #2 Viking wide belt.

The Deep Costume Shoes: #4 The Deep costume jumpsuit boot, #10 Milano soft barefoot shoe, #12 quick dry barefoot beach pool swim diving surf aqua sports walking yoga water shoe.

The Deep Halloween Costume

The Deep The Boys Cosplay

The Deep has been portrayed as unethical and manipulative. Aware of Starlight's youthful infatuation with him, he falsely claimed that he was second only to Homelander for The Seven and threatened her with expulsion from the team unless she performed oral sex on him.

His tenure with The Seven, The Deep seemed cognizant of the fact that he was considered the least valuable member. He complained to Starlight that Vought just wants him to do it and show off his biceps. He also became aggressive when Starlight told him angrily after learning that The Deep had lied to them about his importance to the group in order to force them into sexual acts.

The Deep also felt no remorse for manipulating Starlight in this way, even mocking Starlight and openly despising her outrage. He eventually apologized, but only when forced to do so.

The Deep Cosplay

He was involuntarily placed on a sabbatical and became involved in the Church of the Collective. His desperation at being reinstated in The Seven caused him to adopt a submissive, almost submissive, attitude towards the church's chairman, Alastair Adana. More than once, Deep has been known to instantly change his perspective on a person upon realizing that Alastair holds a different view.

Alistair reveals that A-Train stole the Church's PDR file on Storm's front, Deep is outraged at the theft. But when Alastair praises A-Train and that he's now back in The Seven, Deep immediately congratulates A-Train, despite disavowing him only seconds earlier. When Alistair asks his opinion on Eagle the Archer, Deep Eagle first names a friend and the man who saved him. However, the moment Alistair calls Eagle toxic, Deep interrupts Alistair's side and denounces Eagle.

Such is his devotion to the Church that he even signed his bank account over to Alastair. He married his current wife at Carol's urging against his own preference.

But Deep's crawling nature has its limitations. Learning that A-Train, whom Deep recruited to join the Church, was reinstated into The Seven while he wasn't, he angrily storms out of Alastair's office and apparently resigns from the Church. However, upon his return to The Seven, Deep is again seen with his fawning attitude, this time towards Homelander, and he always follows his wife's orders and does exactly what she tells him to gain Homelander's respect, to the point that where he almost shot the entire crime analysis department after being appointed the new head of that department because everyone had tweets criticizing Homelander and blaming others for their mistakes like Ashley Barrett.

The Deep is also unsure of the presence of gills on its torso. While this adaptation allows him to breathe underwater, he is aware that most find them repulsive and is reluctant to bare his torso for this reason. Deep must meet his dislike with a drug-induced hallucination during his time at the church, during which his gills seem to have developed autonomy and are able to talk to Deep. In his hallucinations, Deep's gills suggested that his shame about his own body causes him to hurt women's bodies.

The Deep greatly enjoys receiving unrequited oral sex, even preferring it to coitus. Perhaps his reliance on his gills guided this preference. He blackmails Starlight into performing oral sex on him, and his complaint about his wife is that she "gives horrible blowjobs".

Due to his ability to communicate with sea creatures, The Deep has at least one friendship with almost every sea creature he knows. He often tries to help them by rescuing them to take them back to the sea. He also suffers and grieves when one of his aquatic friends is killed before his eyes. He tried to stop The Boys, Butcher killed the whale that was accompanying him and instead of chasing them, The Deep stood up and mourned the death of Lucy.

The Deep's relationship with sea creatures apparently extends to sexual intimacy as well. For example, the bottlenose dolphin that Deep tried to return to the ocean apparently asked for sexual favors. And while he was having coitus with his wife, he was clearly focused on his pet octopus, Timothy, suggesting that Timothy was going to masturbate him with all of his arms. This is further proven when he went to Herogasm and had coitus with an octopus, although he was supposed to get information about Soldier Boy.

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