The Sandman Costume

The Sandman Costume

You need the following items for your The Sandman Halloween costume:

  1. Black Overcoat
  2. Black T-Shirt
  3. Ruby Necklace
  4. Black Oxford Shoe
  5. Black Pants
  6. Short Black Halloween Wig
  7. Leather Black Belt
  8. Face Body Paint
  9. Black Pouch
  10. Realistic Looking Plush Raven Black

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The SandmanDreamDeathCorinthianLucifer, Lucienne, Mervyn PumpkinheadJohanna Constantine.


How To Dress Like Morpheus From The Sandman

Dream Outfits

Dress like Sandman from The Sandman;

Want to dress up cool like The Sandman for Halloween? You can be a dark prince of dreams with the Sandman costume. So you need a black overcoat, black t-shirt, ruby necklace, black oxford shoe, a black belt, black pants. Don't forget to buy the wig, pouch, realistic looking raven and face body paint to complete the costume.

The Sandman Halloween Costume

Dream Halloween Costume

The king of dreams, immortal and powerful, Sandman is summoned to the world by a spell cast by a simple sorcerer cult. The Sandman was imprisoned, held captive by the guards for years. Sandman's precious necklace, helmet and sand were stolen by the sorcerer cult. The Sandman sets out to find his stolen items and regain his power by rebuilding the kingdom that was destroyed in his absence.

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