Dress Like The Man in Black

The Man in Black Costume


The Main in Black Season 4 Outfit


You will need the following items for your The Man in Black Season 4 Black Suit Halloween Costume :

How To Dress Like The Man in Black From Westworld

The Man in Black Westworld Halloween

Dress like The Man in Black from Westworld;

The Man in Black Costume;

The Man in Black Hat: Blackworld hat.

The Man in Black Jacket: Notched lapel cardigan.

The Man in Black Vest: Tweed suit vest.

The Man in Black Shirt: Linen Henley shirt.

The Man in Black Holster: Gun holster & belt.

The Man in Black Weapon: Colt air pistol, co2 BB gun shoot bb, legends cowboy air rifle.

The Man in Black Knife: Handmade Damascus steel knife.

The Man in Black Jean: Carpenter jean.

The Man in Black Boot: Leather country boot, black boot.

The Man in Black Suit: 2P black suit.

The Man in Black Costume Accessories: Linen scarf, leather glove, leather belt, short blonde bald, gold titanium ring.

The Man in Black Halloween Costume

The Man in Black Westworld Cosplay

The Man in Black Outfit Black Dress Option;

#1 black 2-p suit, #2 leather belt, #3 dress shirt, #4 short blonde bald, #5 black boot, #6 gold titanium ring.

The Man in Black Costume Option;

#1 Blackworld hat, #2 notched lapel cardigan, #3 tweed suit vest, #4 linen Henley shirt, #5 gun holster & belt, #6 colt air pistol, #7 handmade Damascus steel knife, #8 co2 BB gun shoot bb, #9 linen scarf, #10 carpenter jean, #11 legends cowboy air rifle, #12 leather country boot, #13 leather glove.

The Man in Black Cosplay

The Man in Black is a ruthless character who has no qualms about killing, torturing, or maiming hosts in various ways. He sees them as nothing more than tools or toys to be used or thrown away.

For example, at one point he uses Lawrence's blood to revive another host. He enjoys the game and slips in and out of character when speaking to the hosts, occasionally taunting or taunting them and repeatedly demonstrating the limitations of their programmed personalities.

The Man in Black sees Westworld alternately as a park and as a game. He feels he's seen almost everything about the park, although he notes in passing that there are some characters and storylines he hasn't delved into in his 30 years of visits.

While exploiting the inability to be killed, he seems to long for a worthy opponent and the real danger of the possibility of death. Somehow he is aware that he is trying to escape the wreckage of his family life, his wife has committed suicide and his daughter is being driven away by his cold personality.

In the real world, the Man in Black is connected to a charity that saves lives. However, at least in the park, he has no problem threatening a real person. It's unknown how much of it he plays for the ruthless black hat he is at the park, but it's close enough to his true personality that it drove his family away from him.

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