Dress Like The Weather Wizard

The Weather Wizard Costume


You will need the following items for your The Weather Wizard Halloween costume:

  1. Black Short Curly Wig
  2. Green Eye Mask
  3. Long Sleeve Lace Up Henley Green Shirt
  4. Men's Green Leggings
  5. Yellow-Black Striped Scarf
  6. Wooden Magic Wand
  7. Men's Green Elf Shoes

Weather Wizard is a supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Weather Wizard made his live debut on the television series The Flash, played by actor Liam McIntyre who played Mark Mardon. He appeared in the first, second, and fifth seasons of the series.

The Weather Wizard was already a violent criminal before he gained his powers. He had escaped from prison and made it to his brother's house, where he discovered that his brother had created a bizarre wand that could control the weather. He wanted this wand so bad that he killed his brother to get it.

How To Dress Like The Weather Wizard From The Flash

The Weather Wizard Halloween Costume

Dress like The Weather Wizard from The Flash;

The Weather Wizard wears a more heavily armored version of his standard green suit with large yellow stripes on his chest and a domino mask over his eyes.

By the way, don't forget to buy the wooden magic wand and black short curly wig from the online store.

The Weather Wizard Halloween Costume

The 2014 Flash TV show debuted his brother Clyde Mardon in the pilot. He is first seen in a barn shooting at police officers. He then gets on a plane, which explodes due to the particle explosion. He is then seen robbing a bank using his newfound ability to create and control clouds. He then drives a car that catches up with Barry Allen with his super speed. The car crashes and Clyde escapes by creating a giant cloud. He is eventually seen cornered by Joe West and Eddie Thawne in the barn. It then explodes and then creates a tornado towards Central City. Lightning stops the tornado and Joe West shoots at Clyde, killing him.

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