Dress Like Captain Price

Captain Price Costume


You will need the following items for your Captain Price Modern Warfare Halloween costume:

  1. Black Tactical Uniform
  2. Captain Price Operator Mask 3D Print File
  3. Protective Eye Protection Headgear Mask
  4. Soft Bullet Toy Pistol
  5. Portable Tactical Professional Radio
  6. Water-Resistant Micro Earset Transmitter
  7. Tactical Airsoft Vest
  8. Drop Leg Gun Holster
  9. Men's Black Tactical Boots
  10. Military Pocket Knife Holster
  11. Men's Tactical Gloves
  12. Tactical Waist Bag
  13. Black Tactical Folding Knife
  14. Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Gun
  15. Tactical Toy Smoke Bomb

Price is known for being grumpy and serious on every mission, but still cracks insults and jokes along the way. At the start of each UK campaign, Price will hit the protagonist with these insults, such as: B. the way he taunts Soap, which raises doubts about his skills and ability to pass as an SAS, or the way he yells at Davis for not doing it under the guise of German Fire. Those insults, combined with his coarse English accent, make up many of the series' memorable quotes.

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How To Dress Like Captain Price From Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Captain Price Cosplay

Dress like Captain Price from Modern Warfare;

Captain Price is a full-fledged soldier and warrior. We have prepared for you the products you need to buy to dress like Price. You can produce and use Captain Price's mask with a 3D printer. If you want to look like a cool soldier this Halloween, you can choose the Captain Price costume.

Captain Price Halloween Costume

Captain Price Halloween Costume

As the player progresses, the relationship between Price and the protagonist grows to the point of friendship. The biggest scenes of the series show Price's bond with the player. WWII Price provides cover fire for Sgt. Davis during their retreat from Amaye sur Seulles, and notably saves his friend Sgt. Evans by sacrificing himself as a shield against approaching Nazi fire. In Modern Warfare 3, John Price mourns the loss of Soap and the task force, grieves for his fallen friends and teammates, and later exacts revenge on the men who killed them, despite peace being made.

Captain Price Cosplay

Though ruthless and merciless at times, Price demonstrates morality and high principles. He shows his lighter side in many missions in the series. In the Call of Duty 2 mission Prisoners of War, Price and his WWII squad encounter wounded members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. He forbids his squad from harming the surrendering Nazis and orders the player to transport the wounded despite knowing that a German armored counterattack is approaching.

He stays behind to protect the wounded rangers and keeps the enemy at bay while awaiting a belated evacuation. In the Call of Duty 4 mission "Hunted," after surviving a helicopter crash in enemy-controlled western Russia, a farmer is harassed by an ultranationalist. Price orders Soap to rescue the pawn despite the high chance of being spotted by enemy scouts. It's up to the player to save the farmer or let him die.

In the Modern Warfare 3 mission Dust to Dust, Price and Yuri try to kill Makarov in his hotel hideout. During their firefight outside and inside the hotel, civilians and hotel employees aimlessly run around trying to escape the gunfight. Many of them accidentally run towards the protagonists, blocking their view of the enemy. Price nevertheless orders Yuri not to shoot at the civilians to prevent some of them from being shot by the enemy.

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