Werewolf Cahal Filin Costume

Werewolf Cahal Filin Costume

How To Dress Like Cahal Filin From Werewolf Human Form

Werewolf Cahal The Apocalypse Earthblood Halloween Costume

Dress Like Cahal Filin From Werewolf Human Form;

Werewolf Cahal Filin Costume Human Form: Tactical fingerless gloves, military tactical boots, and tactical pants.

Werewolf Cahal Filin Jacket Human Form: Fur collar leather jacket.

Werewolf Cahal Filin Accessories Human Form: Left-right holster pouch, black tactical knife leg straps.

Werewolf Cahal Filin Halloween Costume

Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood Cosplay

Cahal is a rage and powerful Garou. The werewolf is a shapeshifter. He can take on the forms of a wolf and a human in addition to his werewolf form. Cahal can transform a wolf and a Crinos. The wolf can sneak around. The human form can interact with other people. The werewolf can tear enemies apart.

Werewolf Cahal Filin Cosplay

Cahal is a Garou from the Fianna tribe. Cahal is an eco-terrorist. Cahal has to try to survive in the Great War. Cahal Final is the main protagonist in the game. His mission is to infiltrate and shut down Endron. Cahal serves as a lieutenant. He exiles himself from the pack. Five years later he returns.

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