Yzma Costume

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're looking for a unique and exciting costume idea, why not channel your inner villain and dress up as the one and only Yzma from Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove"? With her bold fashion sense and sharp wit, Yzma is the perfect inspiration for a memorable Halloween costume.

Yzma Costume

You will need the following items for your Yzma Halloween costume:

  1. Yzma Cosplay Dress & Headpiece
  2. Wooden Dangle Earrings
  3. Yzma Eyelashes
  4. Light Purple Face & Body Paint
  5. Purple Ballet Flats

Yzma is the main villian in Disney's The Emperor's New Groove. She is a former advisor to Emperor Kuzco and an evil sorceress. She becomes obsessed with killing the emperor and usurping his throne as empress, after being fired from her longstanding position. She makes countless attempts to accomplish this with her assistant Kronk, and an armory of magical potions.
Get the look of Yzma by dressing up in a long purple dress, large circle earrings, purple flats and a prop of her headpiece.

How To Dress Like Yzma From The Emporer's New Groove

Yzma Halloween Costume

To create a Yzma costume, the first thing you will need is a long purple dress. Yzma's signature color is a deep, rich shade of purple, and it is almost exclusively reserved for her character in the movie. You can choose a dress with a similar shape and style to the ones Yzma wears in the film. Try to find one that is fitted at the top and flares out at the bottom to create a dramatic silhouette.

Next, you will need to add Yzma's signature accessories. Yzma wears a variety of jewelry throughout the movie, including large blue earrings and a frilled purple collar. You can easily recreate these items by purchasing similar pieces of jewelry from a costume store or online.

One of the most distinctive features of Yzma's appearance is her hair. She wears a variety of wigs throughout the movie, but her most memorable look is the indigo feather-like wig she wears in the beginning of the film. You can purchase a similar wig online or at a costume store.

To complete the Yzma look, be sure to add some sharp, pointed nails with red polish. Yzma's design is intended to suggest her evil nature, and her sharp fingernails are a key part of that look.

If you want to take your Yzma costume to the next level, consider adding some additional props to your ensemble. Yzma is often seen carrying a staff or a potion bottle, and these items can add an extra layer of authenticity to your costume.

Her feet are covered in a pair of dark purple shoes with. 

Her physical traits include a large and swirling hairstyle. Purple feathers are around her neck and shoulders.

She wears a pair of circle purple earrings. You can also use a purple body and face. 

How To Be Like Yzma

If you're going to be Yzma this Halloween, it's important to channel her unique personality and characteristics. Yzma is a complex villain with a mix of malice, humor, and eccentricity, so you should try to embody these traits as you interact with others at the party. Here are some tips on how to act like Yzma:

  1. Be power-hungry: Yzma is driven by a desire for power, so you should aim to exude confidence and assertiveness. Show off your intelligence and cunning by coming up with plans and ideas for the party.
  2. Embrace your eccentricity: Yzma is known for her wacky behavior and over-the-top plans. Embrace your own quirky side and don't be afraid to do something out of the ordinary. You could dress up in a particularly extravagant or elaborate costume, or perhaps plan a unique game or activity.
  3. Use Yzma's catchphrases: Yzma has a number of memorable catchphrases that you can use to add some extra flavor to your performance. "It's brilliant, brilliant, brrrrilliant!" is a particularly iconic one, but "Pull the lever, Kronk!" and "Why me?!" are also great options.
  4. Show your softer side: While Yzma is definitely a villain, she has some redeeming qualities that are worth exploring. Perhaps you could take a moment to show kindness to someone at the party who is feeling left out or help someone who is struggling with their costume.

Overall, the key to a great Yzma costume is to fully embrace her unique personality and mannerisms. With a little bit of creativity and a lot of confidence, you'll be able to embody the character and have a great time at your Halloween party.

Yzma Halloween Costume

IYzma's signature color in The Emperor's New Groove is purple, which was chosen for its association with insanity. Her angular shape is intended to reflect her evil nature, and her design is based on that of the villain Cruella De Vil. Yzma is often seen wearing a black and purple long dress with an indigo feather-like hairstyle, and she accessorizes with blue earrings and a purple collar with frilled edges. In one scene, she wears a long-sleeved, skintight gray dress with a black-feathered wig and a purple jewel while crushing statues of Kuzco. Throughout the rest of the movie, she dons a long purple dress with a violet bowl-like wig, purple shoes, and a matching scarf. Despite many jokes about her being ancient, Yzma's true age is unknown, although she claims to be 48 in one episode and to have been around for at least 80 years in another. Despite her apparent age, Yzma is remarkably agile and fast, as shown when she bungee jumps over the palace walls and fights Kuzco in the final battle.

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