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Shadow Company Costume


You will need the following items for your dress like Shadow Company Halloween Costume:

Originally formed to oppose a new AQ and his benefactor Mr. Z, the truce was a temporary alliance that has crumbled. New Operators coming to Verdansk have joined the fight to protect their own, in response to the urge to only send Operators you can trust.

Jacob Hendricks
Captain Price
Farah Karim
Dmitry Bale
Philip Graves
Logan Walker
Keegan P. Russ

How To Dress Like Shadow Company From Call Of Duty

Shadow Company Call of Duty Halloween Costume

Dress like Shadow Company from Call Of Duty;

Call Of Duty Shadow Company Costume Mask: #1 neck face UV protection windproof thermal ski mask.

Dress Like Shadow Company Costume Tactical Headset: #2 helmet set tactical headset & goggles & nvg mount & telescope model tactical gear combination.

Call Of Duty Shadow Company Costume Uniform Shirts: #3 tactical response uniform shirt, #5 navy blue tactical response uniform shirt.

Dress Like Shadow Company Costume Tactical Vests: #4 low profile tactical vest,

Call Of Duty Shadow Company Costume Tactical Pants: #6 navy tactical pro lightweight performance pants, #8 tactical response uniform pants.

Call Of Duty Shadow Company Costume Tactical Glove: #7 tactical glove touchscreen.

Call Of Duty Shadow Company Costume Protector: #9 olive green knee protector pad.

Call Of Duty Shadow Company Costume Leg Holster: #10 drop leg holster combat veteran owned company thigh holster mag pouch.

Dress Like Shadow Company Costume Gun: #11 AR-15 rifle.

Dress Like Shadow Company Costume Boot: #12 black tactical military boot.

Call of Duty Shadow Company Halloween Costume

Shadow Company Call of Duty Cosplay

Distrust has led to power struggles and enemy troops roam Verdansk unhindered. After the rules of the original truce completely collapsed, the Shadow Company arrives with no apologies-operating on their own terms.

Read the full story of Modern Warfare here, including the events of the campaign and the end of the truce in season four.

As an elite PMC, Shadow Company operates outside the confines of the original truce. Forged from the fires of the struggles between the Coalition and the Allegiance, the Shadow Company has its own framework and agenda.

Said to be loyalty operators growing impatient with the progress of the coalition commanded by Captain Price, the Shadow Company is a hardened splinter group poised to wage war head-on against Mr. Z and Verdansk and deal head-on with terrorist threats.

This trio, all experts in their fields with formal military experience, are poised to change the current Verdansk experience.

Call of Duty Shadow Company Cosplay

The highly skilled Shadow Company consists of Rozlin "Roze" Helms (formerly of the Jackals), Velikan, and Marcus "Lerch" Ortega, the Company's leader.

Texas, Lerch is a former member of the US Marine Corps. Known on the battlefield for his enthusiasm and success in eliminating the enemy, it was better to have Lerch on your side than against you. After the USMC, Lerch had no interest in civilian life, so he rejoined the fight in private enterprise and is considered a one-man force multiplier.

Shadow Company CEO came across Lerch's dossier, he was the perfect combination of skill and moral flexibility. There isn't a contract Lerch wouldn't accept, nor a challenge he wouldn't take on, and so he finds himself in Verdansk leading the Shadow Company's other Operators.

Not much is known about Velikan. Clad in full body armor to protect in combat and to hide his identity, little is known about this operator. A shadow of a shadow. Stories of his exploits are written off as fairy tales at best and gross exaggerations at worst. Anyone who knows him never speaks badly of him. Whether out of fear or respect, no one knows.

Rozlin "Roze" Helms joined the Shadow Company after migrating from the Jackals Allegiance faction. Previously, Roze had severed ties with the armed forces and returned to support her family and her ailing father.

Roze was in regular contact with Mace, now a PMC, who left the Army after resigning his post to protest combat orders he felt were illegal and to gain access to the Jackals mercenary group. Now, Roze puts her skills to the test by supporting the Shadow Company while maintaining a warm relationship with Mace.

Learn about the Shadow Company and how they disrupt Verdansk as they fall into the next season of Modern Warfare, including Warzone.

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