Dress Like Adam Maitland

Adam Maitland Costume

You need the following items for your Adam Maitland Halloween costume:

  1. Beetlejuice Adam Maitland Mask
  2. Flannel Shirt
  3. Beetlejuice Adult Gloves with Eyeballs
  4. Pants
  5. Cotton T-Shirt
  6. Belt
  7. Retro Glasses
  8. Brown Shoes
  9. Brown Wig

Adam and Barbara's costumes are preferred by many people on Halloween. You can browse these items to have more fun on Halloween.

Barbara Maitland Costume Guide

How To Dress Like Adam Maitland From Beetlejuice

Barbara Maitland Halloween Cosplay costume

Dress like Adam Maitland;

Adam Costume: For your Adam Halloween costume, you will need a flannel shirt, pants, a cotton t-shirt and a belt.

Adam Accessories: To complete your Adam look, don't forget to get a Beetlejuice Adam adult mask, Beetlejuice adult gloves with eyeballs, retro glasses and last but not least, a brown wig.

Adam Maitland Halloween Costume

Adam Maitland Halloween Cosplay Costume

Adam Maitland is a kind man who wants to get along with everyone and live in peace. A quiet and optimistic man whose hobby was creating beautiful sculptures before he and his wife Barbara were killed in a car accident after a short trip into town to get supplies for their daily projects. When she finds herself as a ghost and learns that her house has been sold, she realizes that the new owners don't share her aesthetic. Delia Deetz's abstract artworks ruin the simple, serene serenity of her now-haunted Victorian homes. He and his wife worked hard to redecorate their home and when the ghosts came he decided it was the best opportunity to give him and Barbara the opportunity to evict the Deetz family to restore the home to its original condition and restore beauty for him and Barbara to enjoy. Their life together after death is in peace.

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