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How To Dress Like Beetlejuice From Beetlejuice 1988

Beetlejuice 1988 Halloween Costume

Dress like Beetlejuice from Beetlejuice 1988;

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Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Beetlejuice 1988 Cosplay

Beetlejuice's appearance is consistent with what a deceased corpse generally looks like: his skin is rotted with a pale chalk color, his eyes are surrounded by thick rings of black rot, and his teeth and fingernails are severely reduced and discolored. Beetlejuice's hair is a strange putrid green color that sticks out at all ends. His outfit consists of matching black and white striped trousers and a blazer with a white undershirt and black tie.

Beetlejuice Cosplay

Beetlejuice's personality was very different between the television series and the film; While still an agent of chaos and a rather macabre and obnoxious character, he was more heroic than originally portrayed in the film and even had a human friend.

Dress Like Beetlejuice is shown to have the personality of an insane con man who used Adam and Barbara Maitland to wreak havoc among the residents of their home. He also tends to get angry if anyone interferes with his "work" and is known to hold grudges.

Dress Like Beetlejuice has proven to be quite evil and has attempted to sexually assault Barbara on numerous occasions, and also has a somewhat insane fondness for Lydia, although he has also used her to break free and wreak havoc among the living.

Beetlejuice has proven to be a foul-mouthed, wacky and annoying specter who only seems to care about himself and the mess he sees as his profession. Although it's proven that he doesn't care about the living and maybe even kills someone because of his tricks and doesn't care. Beetlejuice also has no sense of boundaries and is downright gross and obnoxious.

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