Barbara Maitland Costume

Barbara Maitland Costume

You need the following items for your Barbara Maitland Halloween costume:

  1. Barbara Dress
  2. Beetlejuice Barbara Adult Mask
  3. Ballet Flat
  4. Handbook for the Recently Deceased
  5. Brown Curly Wig

Adam and Barbara's costumes are preferred by many people on Halloween. You can browse these items to have more fun on Halloween.


How To Dress Like Barbara Maitland From Beetlejuice

Barbara Maitland Cosplay Costume

Dress like Barbara Maitland;

Barbara Costume: For your Barbara Halloween costume, you will need a Barbara dress and ballet flats.

Barbara Accessories: To complete your Barbara look, don't forget to get a Beetlejuice Barbara adult mask, a handbook for the recently deceased and last but not least, a brown curly wig.

Barbara Maitland and Halloween Costume

Barbara Maitland Halloween Cosplay costume

She wears a floral-print dress and ballet flats in shades of pink, red, and white. A beautiful and attractive woman wears bright red lipstick with a large lock of brown hair to match her eyes.

A woman with simple tastes who takes pride in cleaning and preserving her Victorian house, especially her styles. A kind, enthusiastic and loving woman, she is very fond of her husband and Lydia's mother, too much to have a child of her own while she is alive.

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