Aethelflaed Costume

The Last Kingdom Aethelflaed Costume

How To Dress Like Aethelflaed From The Last Kingdom

Aethelflaed Halloween Costume

Dress like Aethelflaed from The Last Kingdom;

Aethelflaed's war suit is usually made of leather. A leather vest, leather shoes, leather belt, leather sword and knife sheaths, leather Wristbands, and more... To complete this leather equipment, you need to get brown pants, a cream sweatshirt, and a pink dress.

The Last Kingdom Aethelflaed Cosplay 

Aethelflaed Cosplay

Æthelflæd of Mercia (formerly Æthelflæd of Wessex) is the main character in both The Saxon Stories series of novels and The Last Kingdom television series. She is the daughter of Alfred and Ælswith.

After Gisela's death in "The Burning Land", Uhtred breaks his oath to Alfred of Wessex. As Jarl Hæsten prepares to attack Mercia, Æthelred attempts to divorce Æthelflæd by having one of his lords sleep with her.

Aethelflaed Halloween Costume

In "Sword Song", Æthelflæd calls out the oath Uhtred made to her before attacking Lundene. Uhtred is persuaded by Father Beocca to honor the oath to Æthelflæd as made out of love.

Uhtred returns to Æthelflæd's side with his 40 or so men and saves her from Lord Aldhelm. It soon turns out that the ailing Alfred of Wessex advised Æthelflæd to use Uhtred's oath. Uhtred has had a friendly relationship with Æthelflæd since childhood.

In "The Burning Land" they fall in love with a forbidden love. Uhtred sees Æthelflæd as the wife of Iseult's prophecy; "She will be a woman of gold."

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