Powerpuff Girls Bliss Costume

Powerpuff Girls Bliss Costume

The Powerpuff Girls Costume Ideas

How To Dress Like Bliss From Powerpuff Girls

Blisstina ‘Bliss’ Utonium Cosplay

Dress like Bliss from Powerpuff Girls;

Blisstina has dark skin, a light purple dress with a black horizontal line, stretched-out white tights that are now leggings, black Mary Jane shoes, and light purple eyes. Unlike the other Powerpuff girls, she is a teenager with much wider hips and longer legs. Blisstina has long neon cyan hair with lighter cyan highlights and a darker cyan outline. She often wears a blue headband with a pink heart on it.

Bliss Halloween Costume

Blisstina ‘Bliss’ Utonium Halloween Costume

Bliss was born years before Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were created. She is about 8 years older than the girls, so about 14 years old. The creation of Bliss happened when Professor Utonium got into a science-off with a rival scientist, Professor Newtronium, who had just created the perfect little boy entirely from artificial ingredients and canned flies, so Utonium tried to do the same, with the only one a difference that sex and fly further.

Bliss Cosplay

Bliss is the same adorable bundle of joy as the other three girls. However, she doesn't quite live up to the same standards of the "perfect little girl". Bliss has chemical instability as a result of Chemical W. Because of this, whenever she feels strongly about something, be it positive or negative, her powers connect to her emotions, causing harm and destruction to everyone and everything around her. Despite this, Bliss is a nice girl and she is quite horrified at the result of her explosive powers. Because of this, she tries her best to avoid it. Bliss also suffers from fear due to her power imbalance, and since fear can cause emotions to become imbalanced at times when she is feeling a lot of pressure, her anxious emotions combine with her powers, causing an explosion. With the help of her younger sisters, she is able to do just that and become the crime-fighting hero she always dreamed of.

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