Dress Like Agnes Gru

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you're a fan of the Despicable Me franchise, you might be considering dressing up as one of its iconic characters, Agnes Gru. This adorable and spunky character has won the hearts of many with her quirky personality and love for unicorns. In this guide, we'll give you all the tips and tricks you need to create the perfect Agnes Gru Halloween costume.

Despicable Me Agnes Costume


How To Dress Like Agnes From Despicable MeĀ 

Agnes Gru Halloween Costume

Agnes is known for her love of unicorns and her loud and passionate personality. To dress up as Agnes, start with her signature hairstyle: a high ponytail tied with a red scrunchie. Next, put on a yellow and brown striped t-shirt and a pair of steel blue overalls. Finish off the outfit with white sneakers and yellow socks.

If you prefer a more formal Agnes look, consider dressing up as her ballet recital outfit. This consists of a white ballet outfit similar to those of her sisters Edith and Margo. Alternatively, for a cozy Agnes look, consider wearing a long blue nightshirt covered with teddy bears and polar bear slippers.

For Agnes' birthday outfit, you will need a dress that resembles a princess riding a unicorn. The colors should be similar to her regular outfit, and you can add a blue princess hat on your head to complete the look.

Don't forget about Agnes' special talent: screaming so loudly that she can shatter glass and crack goggles! You can use this to your advantage by carrying around a stuffed unicorn and pretending to use your powerful voice to protect it from danger.

Whether you're trick-or-treating or attending a costume party, an Agnes Gru costume is sure to be a hit. With her loveable personality and iconic style, you'll stand out in any crowd as the cutest member of the Despicable Me family.

Despicable Me Agnes Cosplay

As Agnes, you should embrace your innocence and sweetness. Show excitement and enthusiasm at the party, just as Agnes would. Be curious and ask questions about everything around you. Agnes has a strange obsession with unicorns, so you can talk about how much you love unicorns and how you wish you had one as a pet.

Agnes is also very dependent on her older sister, Edith, so you can have a close friend or family member play the role of Edith and stick with them throughout the party. If they walk away, run after them and ask them not to leave you behind.

Agnes loves candy, so make sure to indulge in your favorite candy throughout the night. If there are gummy bears, make sure to mention how much you love them and maybe even pretend to eat out of a pet food bowl like Agnes did in the movie.

At the same time, remember to stand up for yourself if someone tries to mock or belittle you, just as Gru did in the movie. If someone teases you, don't be afraid to ask for support from your Edith or another close friend.

Finally, don't forget to show your love and affection for those around you. Give lots of hugs and be willing to share your candy and snacks. As Agnes showed, even the smallest act of kindness can have a big impact on those around you.


Despicable Me Agnes Halloween Costume

Agnes Gru Cosplay

Agnes, a 6-year-old girl with dark brown eyes and long black hair tied in an upward ponytail with a red hair tie, has a signature style. She wears blue denim overalls over a yellow striped t-shirt, white velcro sneakers with yellow crew socks during the day, and a long blue nightgown with teddy bears and polar bear slippers at night. For her birthday, she dresses up as a princess riding a unicorn, wearing a blue princess hat on her head. Her love for unicorns is well-known, as she often expresses her affection for them.

Being Gru's adopted daughter, Agnes is the youngest of the three orphan sisters and has a special place in Margo's heart, who is very protective of her. When Gru adopted them, Agnes was the only one who was excited about it, hugging his leg and playing games with him. Her innocence and naivety made her unaware of Gru's initial dislike of the adoption. Despite Gru being cold towards her and her sisters, she trusted him deeply, holding his hand and asking him to read stories to her.

Agnes' unconditional love for Gru regardless of his behavior towards her made him realize the importance of family and change his ways. She's skilled at ballet and loves candy, but her strange obsession with unicorns often gets her in trouble. She demands Gru fix her disintegrated toy unicorn and holds her breath until she gets her way. Although sometimes immature, Agnes' sweet nature and love for her family make her an endearing and cherished character in the Despicable Me franchise.

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