Dress Like Wednesday Addams (2023 Updated)

"Get Your Ghoul On: A Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume Guide"

Attention all morose and macabre fashionistas! Are you looking for the perfect Halloween costume that will have everyone saying "what's wrong with her?" No, we're not talking about your love life, we're talking about Wednesday Addams, the queen of the undead.

This spooky and sardonic character from "The Addams Family" is a classic Halloween costume that is always in style. So, grab your pet spider and let's get started!


Wednesday Addams Netflix Costume




Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Costume


You need the following items for your Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy Halloween costume:

  1. Wednesday Nevermore Academy Costume Uniform
  2. Wednesday Addams Wig
  3. Black Travel Umbrella
  4. Black Thick Tights
  5. Double Strap Mary Jane Pumps
  6. Wednesday Nevermore Academy Costume Uniform For Girls

Update: The Thing Costume Prop

The new student at Nevermore Academy is Wednesday Addams, who was kicked out of her old school for trying to kill another student(s). She is having a hard time accepting her new powers and fitting in with her new peers. Upon arriving in Nevermore, she immediately finds herself caught up in the many mysteries surrounding Nevermore Academy.
Wednesday is a lone wolf, but she loves torturing people, literally and with her look and conversation. Get a friend to dress up as Enid Sinclair for the best girl girl couples costume.


Wednesday Addams Costume


You need the following items for your Wednesday Addams Halloween costume:

  1. Wednesday Addams Costume Dress
  2. Wednesday Addams Black Dress
  3. Wednesday Addams Wig
  4. Black Round Stud Earrings
  5. Red Nail Polish
  6. Black Opaque Tights
  7. Poison Potion Bottle
  8. Black Mary Jane Shoes

Wednesday Addams is one of the main characters in the comic series, TV series, and movie adaptations of The Addams Family. She is the older sister of Pubert Addams and Pugsley Addams and the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams.

Cosplay Wednesday Addams by dressing up in a black dress, Mary Jane shoes, and Wednesday Addams wig.

Bring a few of your friends to dress up as Uncle Fester, Cousin IttPugsley Addams, Morticia Adams, Pubert Addams, and of course Gomez Addams because Wednesday isn't happy if she isn't tormenting someone. 

Other Wednesday Addams Outfits

Wednesday Addams Makeup

Wednesday Addams Makeup

A combination of warm brown and black blended on the top and bottom lashes is what you should use for eyes. Start with the brown, then add the black towards the base of the lash and slightly towards the crease. We suggest LORAC PRO Matte Eyeshadow Palette.

Wednesday's face is rather pale. A buildable foundation like PÜR 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer With SPF 20 is what we recommend.  Use a shade under the eyes that is cool-toned for the Wednesday's goth look, and then apply a cool-toned contour to the cheekbones.

It is now time to focus on the lips. We are of the opinion that, Wednesday wears MAC Lip Pencil in Nightmoth, and Dr. Pawpaw clear balm. To get the consistency of a colored balm, add a bit of the pawpaw and then just apply it to your lips.

As for the mascara.  The cast of Wednesday seems to be using ILIA - Limitless Lash Mascara.

For the freckles, you can either use a face fx palette, or simply use a freckle pen. Whichever you choose, just apply it around your cheeks, nose and off between your eyebrows.

How To Dress Like Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

Step 1: Dress to Impress

Wednesday's signature look is her black and white striped dress, so this is the most important part of your costume. You can buy a pre-made costume or make your own by getting a black and white striped dress and pairing it with a white collared shirt underneath.

Step 2: Accessorize with Attitude

To complete the look, you'll want to add a few key accessories. Wednesday's signature braids are a must, so make sure you have two tight braids in your hair. You can also add a red bow for a pop of color.

Step 3: Get Your Groove On... or Lack Thereof

Wednesday is known for her moody and monotone demeanor, so it's important to add a few props to help you get in character. Carry around a hand-held puppet, a book of spells, or a human skull (just make sure it's not a real one!)

Step 4: Embrace Your Inner Goth

To really sell the Wednesday Addams look, you'll want to have a gothic makeup look to go along with your costume. Think pale skin, dark lips, and smoky eyes. And don't forget the most important accessory of all: a scowl that could turn any Halloween party into a funeral.

With these steps, you'll be (almost) ready to give everyone the creeps at your next Halloween party. Just remember, Wednesday Addams isn't just a costume, it's a lifestyle. So, embrace your inner goth, get your groan on, and get your ghoul on!

How To Be Like Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams Cosplay

Well, you're in for a treat, my gloomy friend! As Wednesday Addams, you get to channel your inner goth and embrace your love for all things macabre. Here's a few tips on how to be like the spooky, sardonic, and always fabulous Wednesday Addams at your Halloween party:

  1. Perfect Your Pout: Wednesday is known for her moody demeanor, so make sure you have your scowl ready at all times. Practice in front of a mirror and remember, the more deadpan, the better!
  2. Be Enigmatically Aloof: Wednesday is always a little bit of a mystery. So, when people ask you what's wrong or try to engage in small talk, just give them a blank stare and say something like "I don't know what you're talking about."
  3. Embrace Your Love for Creepy Creatures: Wednesday is never without her pet spider, and she's always up for some spooky shenanigans. So, carry around a toy spider or a hand-held puppet and be ready to show off your creepy crawly skills.
  4. Get Your Goth On: Wednesday is the queen of goth, so make sure you have your gothic makeup and accessories on point. Dark lips, pale skin, and smoky eyes are a must.
  5. Be the Life of the Non-Party: Wednesday is known for being a bit of a downer, so why not bring that energy to the Halloween party? Make it your mission to turn the Halloween bash into a funeral and see how many people you can depress with your monotone voice and deadpan expressions.

Remember, the key to a successful Wednesday Addams costume is to have fun with it! Embrace your love for all things dark and creepy, and enjoy the opportunity to be a little bit of a misfit at the Halloween party. Happy haunting!

About Wednesday Addams

"Wednes-Freaky Addams: A Spooky Sidekick Straight Outta a Cartoonist's Sketchbook"

Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves for the arrival of a ghostly gal with a gothic glamour that'll make you shiver in your boots! We're talking about Wednesday Friday Addams, the pale, dark-haired, grim-looking girl that's been haunting the hearts and minds of folks ever since her creation by the one and only, Charles Addams.

This eerie beauty has made a name for herself in comic strips, TV shows, and movies, in both live-action and animated formats. And let's just say, she's not your average happy-go-lucky gal. No, Wednesday is all about death and the macabre, making her the perfect accessory for any spooky soirée. So, grab your hand-held puppet and let's get spooky!

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