Andre Layton Outfits

Andre Layton Costume

Dress Like Andre From Netflix's Snowpiercer

Dress Like Andre From Netflix's Snowpiercer

Dress Like Andre From Netflix's Snowpiercer;

Snowpiercer Andre Clothes: As Andre is a tail passanger he has no access to new and fancy clothes. Everything he wears is simple, old yet practical.

Snowpiercer Andre Hair: Andre's hair is long, black and drealocked.

Snowpiercer Andre Shoes: He wears dark winter boots.

Snowpiercer Andre Outfits

Snowpiercer Andre Outfits

Andre Layton is the male main character in Snowpiercer. He is portrayed by Daveed Diggs.

He is a calm thinker who spends his days sniffing the Kronole industrial waste drug and taking care of his rat cage. He is a prisoner who barely survives the harsh conditions in the back of the train and is reluctant to take part in a fight that could change life on the train.

Snowpiercer Halloween Costume

After his success in solving the murder on board the train, Layton finds out the riddle surrounding Mr. Wilford. To protect her identity, Melanie Cavill hangs it in the drawer.

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