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The Last Of Us Part 2 Joel Costume

Joel Miller Cosplay

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Dress Like Joel Miller From The Last Of Us Part 2

Dress Like Joel Miller From The Last Of Us Part 2

Dress Like Joel Miller From The Last Of Us Part 2

Joel Miller Jacket & Shirt: In Last Of Us Part 2 Joel wears simple front zip jacket and flannel long sleeve shirt.

Joel Miller Jeans: We see Joel in loose comfort fit dark colored jeans in Last Of Us Part 2.

Joel Miller Accessories: You need canvas vintage backpack, military style watch, military style flashlight and brown zip boots to complete your Joel Miller costume.

Joel Miller Cosplay

Joel Miller Cosplay

Joel Miller is a side character The Last of Us Part II, in which he is briefly playable. Joel was a survivor in post-apocalyptic America affected by the Cordyceps brain infection that has decimated 60% of humanity worldwide. After losing his only daughter Sarah in the early stages of the outbreak, Joel becomes a ruthless and cynical smuggler who ultimately has the job of smuggling and protecting Ellie, a young girl who is the key to human survival. Joel finally has a strong bond with her. It is voiced by Troy Baker and kept moving.

Joel Miller Halloween Costume

Joel Ellie devoted herself very much during her trip and used every means to save her and bring her to safety. He tortured two cannibals to find out Ellie's whereabouts, and then killed the other prisoner after getting information about Ellie's whereabouts. Ellie also took great care of Joel, spending an entire winter feeding and protecting him when he was hurt, just like Joel took care of her and protected her during her trip. The two would have a close father-daughter bond.

It was emphasized that Joel suffered from PTSD because he lost his daughter and took measures necessary for his survival. He simply hesitated or refused to speak about people he had lost along the way (Sarah, Tess, Sam, Henry). He had frequent nightmares and refused to talk about his time as a hunter.

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