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Animal Crossing Harvey Costume

Animal Crossing Harvey Cosplay

Animal Crossing Harvey Cosplay Items

Dress Like Harvey From Animal Crossing

Dress Like Harvey From Animal Crossing

Dress Like Harvey From Animal Crossing;

Harvey  Shirt & Vest: Harvey is a hippie dog. Get white hippie shirt and hippie vest.

Harvey Shoes: Harvey wears brown loafers.

Harvey Accessories: You need hippie accessories to ocmplete your Harvey cosplay. These accessories include hippie style sunglasses, red hippie headband and a couple of bird figures.

Animal Crossing Harvey Halloween Cosume

Animal Crossing Harvey Halloween Cosume

Harvey is a special dog featured in the New Leafs Welcome Amiibo update. Harvey is the owner of the campsite. Harvey not only explains the campsite, but also sells special furniture for MEOW vouchers. Harvey returns to New Horizons as the owner of Harv's Island.

Animal Crossing Harvey Cosplay

Harvey's appearance resembles a stereotypical hippie. His headband has orange and red triangles. He wears sunglasses with a blue tint. His shirt is an oversized white long sleeve shirt with a deep v-neck and red trimmings. He also wears a poncho-like vest. His pants are acid-washed jeans and he wears brown boots.

About Harvey From Animal Crossing

As a stereotypical hippie, Harvey tends to be absent and forget how he knows the player when trying to argue with him. He doesn't like technology and can't use it very well, and he's vegan too. He loves nature and birds.

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