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Isis Costume


DC Black Adam

How To Dress Like Isis From Black Adam

Isis Black Adam Halloween Costume

Dress like Isis from Black Adam;

Isis Costume Jewelry: #1 bridal crown crystal crown red gemstone tiara, #2 metal statement necklace collar choker, #3 bronze tribal gold cuff bracelet

Isis Costume Belt: #4 elastic waist band belts buckle.

Isis Costume Wig: #5 long black wavy wig.

Isis Costume Accessories: #6 rave lace top leg garter wrap set

Isis Costume Tops: #7 2-pack bandeau strapless seamless tube bra, #8 white sexy sleeveless halter criss cross self-tie backless crop top, #9 essentials bustier strapless plunge demi push up, #12 steel boned cotton long torso hourglass body shaper corset.

Isis Costume Shoe: #10 Cairo flat.

Isis Costume Skirts: #11 lightweight active tennis skirt, #13 white sexy pleated mini solid ruffle lingerie skirt.

Isis Halloween Costume

Isis Black Adam Cosplay

Through the use of a second amulet attached to her forehead, Isis is able to perceive objects at a distance. She can only use this ability to see things happening in the present. It doesn't give her the power of precognition or post-cognition. The exact range of this ability is unknown.

Ability to move objects with the power of the mind.

Ability to heal minor and fatal wounds.

Isis has the ability to control various aspects of nature. As Isis, Adrianna is in control of all elements. For example, she can summon a strong wind to sweep across the land, increase or decrease gravity, control the weather, create vegetation, or spontaneously create geysers of molten lava from the ground. Her ability to control nature was also attuned to her feelings.

One of the many uses of Isis's dominion over the elements is the ability to manipulate and control plant life.

Isis Cosplay

Powers bestowed by the Amulet of Isis. In order to change the form, Adrianna must be able to say "I am Isis" and use it to summon spells containing the energies of those extradimensional beings once known as Isis on Earth. This spell adds almost a hundred pounds of impenetrable divine muscle and tissue to her body. This spell appears to be vocal only; she cannot access this spell if she is gagged or unable to speak in any way. The accuracy of this spell is slightly reduced. All Adrianna has to say is "I am Isis" and she is mystically transformed and endowed with the powers of the goddess. In her Isis form.

Isis has superhuman strength derived from the Egyptian gods and can lift 450 tons in her grasp.

Isis possesses a high level of invulnerability to monstrous conventional weapons and magic damage.

Ability to increase her consciousness and increase her flow of time, seemingly moving faster than is humanly possible. She can move at incredible speeds, possibly equal to Wonder Woman, but perhaps approaching that of Jesse Quick, who can reach speeds of up to half the speed of light. She can move fast enough not to register in humans' normal peripheral range, and seemingly vanishes and vanishes at will. At this rate, their mind processes information, at least on a subliminal level, and alerts them to their surroundings.

Her divine metabolism gives her far greater stamina than a human in any physical activity.

Isis has an exceptional photographic memory and mental acuity that enable him to read and decipher hieroglyphs, remember everything she's ever learned, solve long mathematical equations instantly, and make intuitive guesses based on limited data, to the point where their guesses are almost always correct.

Isis can also mystically fly through the atmosphere through a safe act of will, allowing her to levitate through the atmosphere and travel across the planet on suborbital planes. She is immune to the effects of extreme sizes, such as dizziness and daze. She can travel from Earth to the Moon with difficulty, but for interstellar travel, she needs extra careful equipment.

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