B.A.P.S Mickey Costume

B.A.P.S Mickey Costume

How To Dress Like Mickey From B.A.P.S

Baps Mickey Cosplay

Dress like Mickey from B.A.P.S;

B.A.P.S Mickey's Attire: Mickey is a very colorful young woman. Her most famous attire is her yellow leopard leggings and jacket.

B.A.P.S Mickey's Accessories: To complete your Mickey Halloween costume don't forget a big feathery headband, long red false nails, yellow pump sandals, and gold dangle earrings.

B.A.P.S Mickey Halloween Costume

Baps Mickey Halloween Costume

B.A.P.S (Black American Princesses) is a female buddy comedy starring Halle Berry and Natalie Desselle. The film is about two rising entrepreneurs from Georgia, Nisi (Halle Berry) and Mickey (Natalie Desselle), who go to Los Angeles to open their own restaurant.
Nisi and Mickey are waitresses at a soul food diner in Decatur, Georgia. Her plan is to open the world's first combined hair salon and soul food restaurant.

To collect entrance fees, they audition for a music video in Los Angeles. By an unusual turn of events, they help a butler in Beverly Hills and worry about an aging millionaire, Mr. Blakemore, who welcomes them to his mansion. They become Black American Princesses who "live big and take responsibility!" among the rich and famous.

You will find yourself soon in a scheme to raise the millions of his fortune. When they find that they have behaved no better than the conspirators, they decide to become Mr. Blakemore's main point of reference instead.

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